112G QSFP28 1310nm 40km Optical Transceiver Module

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Product Description

112G QSFP28 1310nm 40km Optical Transceiver Module is a high-performance optical transmission device with a wavelength of 1310nm, which can achieve data transmission rates up to 112G. It adopts QSFP28 interface and is capable of reliable optical transmission within a distance of 40km. This module is very suitable for use in data centers, enterprise networks, cloud computing and other fields to provide users with high-speed and stable data transmission services. It also has high reliability and stability and can meet users’ stringent requirements for optical transmission equipment. This module provides excellent performance whether in high load environments or long distance transmission.

Product Application

1. Data center network: In large data centers, high-speed data transmission is crucial. The 112G QSFP28 1310nm 40km optical transceiver module provides data transmission rates up to 112 Gbps and can transmit data over distances of up to 40 kilometers. It can be used for server interconnection within data centers, as well as remote connections between data centers, ensuring high-speed and reliable transmission of data.

2. Remote storage applications: In remote storage applications that need to transmit data from one location to another, the 112G QSFP28 1310nm 40km optical transceiver module can provide high-bandwidth and low-latency data transmission. Whether it is used for data backup and recovery, or remote data storage and sharing, this module can meet your needs.

3. Telecommunications network: Optical transceiver modules play an important role in telecommunications networks. 112G QSFP28 1310nm 40km module can be used for long-distance transmission in optical fiber communication networks, such as the construction of optical fiber backbone networks. It can help provide high-speed, high-bandwidth communications to meet the growing demand for data transmission.

4. WAN connection: Enterprises and organizations often need to connect multiple offices or branches located in different geographical locations. 112G QSFP28 1310nm 40km optical transceiver module can be used for WAN connections, providing high-speed and stable data transmission. It enables real-time collaboration and data sharing between teams in different locations, improving work efficiency.

5. Scientific research and education fields: In the fields of scientific research and education, it is necessary to process large amounts of data and perform rapid data transmission. The 112G QSFP28 1310nm 40km optical transceiver module can help scientific researchers and educational institutions achieve high-speed data transmission for data analysis, experimental data collection and sharing, and online education and other applications.

Product Features

1. High-speed data transmission: 112G QSFP28 1310nm 40km optical transceiver module provides a data transmission rate of up to 112 Gbps. This high-speed transmission capability makes it a clear advantage in applications that process large amounts of data and require fast response. Users can transmit and process data more efficiently and improve work efficiency.

2. Long-distance transmission capability: This module can transmit data over a distance of up to 40 kilometers, which makes it very suitable for remote connection and wide area network applications. Users can bring offices, data centers or branches closer together to achieve remote collaboration and data sharing, maintaining efficient communications regardless of geographical dispersion.

3. High bandwidth support: 112G QSFP28 1310nm 40km optical transceiver module provides large bandwidth support and can meet the needs of modern network applications for high-speed data transmission. Users can transmit large amounts of data, images, video and audio content simultaneously, ensuring smooth multimedia transmission and real-time communication.

4. Reliability and stability: This module adopts advanced optical fiber transmission technology and has excellent signal quality and anti-interference ability. It can maintain stable data transmission in complex network environments, reduce data loss and delay, and ensure data reliability and integrity.

5. Compatibility and ease of use: 112G QSFP28 1310nm 40km optical transceiver module has broad compatibility and can be seamlessly integrated with a variety of network equipment and optical fiber infrastructure. It adopts the standard QSFP28 package, which simplifies the installation and configuration process and improves user convenience.

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