800G QSFP-DD CWDM8 2km LC Transceiver Module

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Product Description

800G QSFP-DD CWDM8 2km LC Transceiver Module is an optical fiber transceiver module that adopts QSFP-DD (Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable Double Density) package, uses CWDM8 (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing 8) technology for optical signal transmission, and is equipped with LC connector.

The optical transceiver module supports 800Gbps transmission rate and provides high-speed data processing capabilities. QSFP-DD packaging is a high-density optical transceiver module packaging standard that provides multiple channel interfaces, and each channel supports high-speed data transmission.

CWDM8 technology is a coarse wavelength division multiplexing technology that uses 8 optical signals of different wavelengths for transmission in optical fibers to achieve multi-channel transmission on a single optical fiber and provide high-density optical signal transmission.

2km means that the module is suitable for short- and medium-distance transmission within a range of 2 kilometers and can achieve reliable optical signal transmission within a shorter distance. LC connector is a commonly used optical fiber connector, suitable for bidirectional transmission of optical fiber, and is often used in application scenarios such as data center interconnection and high-performance computing.

Product Application

(1) Data center interconnection: Data centers require high-capacity and high-speed connections to support large-scale data transmission and processing. 800G QSFP-DD CWDM8 2km LC Transceiver Module can be used for server interconnection, storage interconnection and network interconnection within the data center, providing reliable high-bandwidth transmission.

(2) High-performance computing: High-performance computing applications require large-scale data transmission and processing, such as scientific computing, simulation analysis, machine learning, etc. This module can provide fast data transmission and meet the high bandwidth and low latency requirements of high-performance computing systems.

(3) Communication network: 800G QSFP-DD CWDM8 2km LC Transceiver Module can be used for medium and short-distance transmission of optical fiber communication networks, such as optical transport networks, metropolitan area networks and wide area networks. It can achieve high-speed and high-bandwidth data transmission and support remote transmission and distribution of data.

(4) Enterprise network: used to connect servers, storage devices and network devices within the enterprise, supporting high-speed data transmission and interconnection. This module can provide stable and high-speed data transmission to meet the needs of enterprises for high-performance networks.

(5) High-speed storage connection: 800G QSFP-DD CWDM8 2km LC Transceiver Module can be used to connect high-speed storage devices, such as solid-state drive (SSD) arrays, storage servers, etc., to achieve fast data transmission and storage.

(6) Cloud computing and hyperscale data centers: In cloud computing and hyperscale data center environments, this module can be applied to interconnections between servers to support high-speed data transmission and processing.

Product Features

-CWDM8 technology: Using CWDM8 technology, 8 different wavelengths are used for optical signal transmission to achieve multi-channel transmission on a single optical fiber. This technology provides high-density optical signal transmission capabilities.

-2km transmission distance: suitable for short and medium distance transmission within 2 kilometers. Enables reliable optical signal transmission over shorter distances.

-LC connector: Equipped with LC connector, which is a commonly used optical fiber connector and is suitable for bidirectional transmission of optical fiber. LC connectors are miniaturized and suitable for high-density connections.

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