8x100G OSFP 1310nm 10km MPO-16 Transceiver Module

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Product Description

8x100G OSFP 1310nm 10km MPO-16 Transceiver Module is a high-speed optical module suitable for high-speed transmission applications in data centers, enterprise networks and telecom operators. This product uses the most advanced technology to provide excellent performance and reliability to meet your high-speed data transmission needs.

8x100G: It means that the module has 8 channels, each channel has a transmission rate of 100Gbps (gigabits per second). The module can provide a total bandwidth of 800Gbps. OSFP: stands for Optical Small Form Factor Pluggable, which is a packaging standard used for the physical interface and size specifications of optical fiber communication modules. OSFP packaging is commonly used for high-speed and high-bandwidth optical fiber transmission.

1310nm: The wavelength representing the optical signal is 1310 nanometers. This is a commonly used single-mode fiber transmission wavelength, suitable for medium and long distance transmission. 10km: Indicates that the transmission distance of this module can reach 10 kilometers. This means that the module is suitable for medium and long distance optical fiber transmission needs. MPO-16: stands for Multi-Fiber Push-On, which is a fiber optic connector type with 16 fiber optic jacks. The module uses an MPO-16 connector to support 8 channels of data transmission.

Product Application

-Long-distance optical fiber transmission: 8x100G OSFP 1310nm 10km MPO-16 Transceiver Module is suitable for scenarios that require high-speed optical fiber transmission over longer distances. It uses 1310nm wavelength and supports a transmission distance of 10 kilometers, which can meet the needs of long-distance communication across metropolitan area networks and wide area networks.

-Data center interconnection: Data centers require high-capacity, high-speed connections to support large-scale data transmission and processing. 8x100G OSFP 1310nm 10km MPO-16 Transceiver Module can be used for server interconnection, storage interconnection and network interconnection within the data center, providing reliable high-bandwidth transmission.

-High-performance computing: High-performance computing applications require large-scale data transmission and processing, such as scientific computing, simulation analysis, machine learning, etc. The 8x100G OSFP 1310nm 10km MPO-16 Transceiver Module can provide fast data transmission and meet the high bandwidth and low latency requirements of high-performance computing systems.

-Communication network: 8x100G OSFP 1310nm 10km MPO-16 Transceiver Module can be used for long-distance transmission in communication networks such as optical transport networks, metropolitan area networks and wide area networks. It can achieve high-speed and high-bandwidth data transmission and support remote transmission and distribution of data.

Product Features

1 High-speed transmission: This product supports 8 100G channels, 1310nm wavelength, and 10km transmission distance, which can achieve high-speed data transmission and improve data transmission efficiency and speed.

2 Highly integrated: This product adopts OSFP interface and is highly integrated, which can save space and cost and improve the reliability and stability of the system.

3 Low power consumption: This product adopts low power consumption design, which can save energy and reduce operating costs, and meets environmental protection requirements.

4 High reliability and stability: This product uses advanced technology and materials, has high reliability and stability, and can operate stably in harsh environments to ensure the quality and security of your data transmission.

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