8x100G OSFP MPO 1310nm SMF Transceiver Module

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Product Description

8x100G OSFP MPO 1310nm SMF Transceiver Module is a high-performance optical module that uses MPO interface and supports 8-channel 100Gbps transmission rate. This product uses 1310nm single-mode optical fiber transmission, which has a high degree of reliability and stability. This module is suitable for data centers, telecom operators, enterprise networks and other fields, and has broad application prospects.

The 8x100G OSFP MPO 1310nm SMF Transceiver Module is designed based on the OSFP (Octal Small Form Factor Pluggable) interface standard and supports eight 100Gbps optical channels with a total bandwidth of 800Gbps. It uses MPO (Multi-fiber Push On) connectors, which can realize quick plug-in and pull-out of multi-core optical fibers, which facilitates optical fiber wiring and management.

Product Application

8x100G OSFP MPO 1310nm SMF Transceiver Module is suitable for various data centers, telecom operators, enterprise networks and other fields, and can be used in high-speed data transmission, video transmission, cloud computing and other scenarios. This module can connect to various devices, such as routers, switches, servers, etc., to achieve high-speed data transmission and network connections.

This product can also be applied to the construction of large-scale data centers, providing you with efficient data transmission and processing capabilities. This module can also be used for high-speed video transmission, which can provide you with a high-definition video experience. This product can also be used in cloud computing scenarios and can provide you with efficient cloud computing services.

Product Features

(1) High-speed transmission: This module supports 8 channels, each channel has a transmission rate of 100Gbps, and the total bandwidth reaches 800Gbps. It provides high-speed data transmission and is suitable for applications requiring large bandwidth.

(2) Single-mode fiber transmission: This module uses single-mode fiber (Single-Mode Fiber) for transmission, which has high transmission efficiency and low transmission loss. It is suitable for long-distance transmission needs and provides stable and reliable signal transmission.

(3) 1310nm wavelength: This module uses the optical signal wavelength of 1310nm, which is a commonly used single-mode fiber transmission wavelength. It has good optical fiber transmission characteristics and is suitable for medium and long distance transmission needs.

(4) MPO fiber optic connector: This module uses MPO-16 fiber optic connector with 16 fiber optic jacks. MPO connectors support high-density optical fiber connections, provide fast and reliable optical fiber plug-in and unplug functions, and are suitable for high-bandwidth transmission and high-density optical fiber cabling environments.

(5) Compatibility: The module complies with OSFP packaging standards and can interoperate with compatible devices and systems. It has broad compatibility and can be seamlessly integrated with a variety of fiber optic equipment and network infrastructure.

(6) High reliability: This module has high reliability and stability, and can provide reliable transmission performance under long-term use and various environmental conditions.

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