Arista 400G OSFP PAM4 CWDM4 2km Transceiver Module

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Product Description

Arista 400G OSFP PAM4 CWDM4 2km Transceiver Module is a high-performance optical module with excellent transmission capability and stability. It uses PAM4 modulation technology, supports 400G high-speed transmission, and is suitable for distances up to 2 kilometers. What makes this module attractive is its reliability and high-quality transmission performance, which can meet your needs for high-speed data transmission.

There is authoritative background information behind this product. As a well-known network equipment manufacturer, Arista is known for its advanced technology and reliable products. Arista 400G OSFP PAM4 CWDM4 2km Transceiver Module is an innovation of the company and has undergone rigorous testing and verification to ensure that its quality and performance meet the highest standards in the industry.

Product Application

Arista 400G OSFP PAM4 CWDM4 2km Transceiver Module has a wide range of applications in various fields. In data centers, this module can achieve high-speed data transmission and meet the needs of large-scale data centers for high bandwidth and low latency.

In cloud computing and virtualization environments, this module can provide reliable connections and efficient data transmission, providing you with a high-quality cloud service experience. Arista 400G OSFP PAM4 CWDM4 2km Transceiver Module is also suitable for enterprise networks, communication operators and wide area networks, providing you with stable network connections and high-quality data transmission.

Product Features

– High-speed transmission capability: This product supports 400G high-speed transmission to meet your needs for large bandwidth and achieve fast data transmission.

– Long-distance transmission: This module can achieve stable data transmission within a distance of up to 2 kilometers and is suitable for various scenarios and application needs.

– Reliability and stability: After rigorous testing and verification, this module has a high degree of reliability and stability, ensuring the safety and stability of data transmission.

– Compatibility and ease of use: The product is compatible with a variety of devices and systems and is easy to use, making it easy for you to install and configure.

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