DCI/OTN 1.6T 1U transmission system

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Product Description

This optoelectronic integrated WDM transmission platform specially designed for data center interconnection (DCI) has high integration (optoelectronic integration), large bandwidth (25.6Tbits/fiber), simple deployment (no need for complex tuning)), and easy operation and maintenance ( NETCONF/YANG), safe and reliable.

The DCI/OTN 1.6T 1U transmission system can meet the rapidly growing bandwidth requirements between DCs, enable flexible deployment of equipment, create an open optical network architecture, and lead the DCI market into a new era of high-speed all-optical interconnection.

Product Application

1. Data Center Interconnect (DCI): Data centers require high-speed, reliable interconnect solutions to meet large-scale data transmission needs. DCI/OTN 1.6T 1U transmission system provides high-capacity data transmission capabilities, is suitable for remote interconnection between data centers, and supports fast and efficient data sharing and application deployment.

2. Optical transmission network: This transmission system can be used as the core transmission layer in the optical transmission network to support high-capacity and high-rate data transmission. It is capable of carrying a large number of fiber channel and wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) signals, providing reliable data transmission solutions.

3. Optical transmission network expansion and upgrade: As communication networks continue to develop, optical transmission networks need to be expanded and upgraded. DCI/OTN 1.6T 1U transmission system can meet this demand by providing high-capacity transmission capabilities and advanced optical transmission technology to support network expansion and upgrades.

4. Cloud computing and big data transmission: In cloud computing and big data applications, there is an extremely high demand for high-speed and high-bandwidth transmission capabilities. The DCI/OTN 1.6T 1U transmission system can meet these requirements, support the rapid transmission and processing of large-scale data, and is suitable for cloud computing environments and big data centers.

5. Remote backup and disaster recovery: For data backup and disaster recovery, reliable data transmission is crucial. DCI/OTN 1.6T 1U transmission system provides high-reliability transmission solutions, supports remote backup and disaster recovery operations, and ensures data security and integrity.

DCI/OTN 1.6T 1U transmission system has wide applications in data center interconnection, optical transmission network, cloud computing and big data transmission, as well as remote backup and disaster recovery. Its high capacity, high speed and reliability make it ideal for meeting the needs of large-scale data transmission and transmission network upgrades in these areas.

Product Features

It adopts optoelectronic integration and pluggable modular design; components support hot swapping, on-demand deployment and expansion.

Front and rear air cooling design, optional 1+1 FRU fan, supports automatic speed adjustment.

It can be installed in 19-inch/800mm deep cabinets, suitable for data center computer rooms, and can be deployed with IT equipment in ordinary cabinets.

The C+ band 400G*64λ transmission capacity per pair is up to 25.6Tbit/s, and each subrack is up to 1.6Tbit/s.

The single-wavelength capacity is as high as 400G and continues to evolve toward 600G, 800G, and 1.2T.

The optical layer card is highly integrated with OA, WSS, VOA, OSC, OTDR, OCM, OLP, etc. to simplify internal optical fiber connections.

Supports 10GE, 100GE, 100GE FlexE (Unware), 400GE, STM-64, 10GE WAN, OTU2, OTU4 and other service access.

Supports 9-dimensional ROADM networking and FlexGrid.

Comprehensive performance monitoring and quality visibility of support services, OTN and optical layers.

Offers a variety of multi-layered network-level and device-level protection solutions. The protection reversal delay is <50ms, ensuring superior protection performance.

Supports NETCONF/YANG standard open interface and GUI management platform based on B/S architecture.

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