DWDM/CWDM 1U optical transmission system

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Product Description

Our DWDM/CWDM 1U optical transmission system Stands out for its outstanding performance and reliability. It uses advanced fiber optic technology to achieve high-capacity data transmission, dramatically increasing your network speed. Whether you are a telecom operator, data center or financial institution, our products can meet your huge needs.

Not only does this product provide unparalleled speed and bandwidth, it’s also easy to install and operate. Our DWDM/CWDM 1U optical transmission system
The design is compact and takes up little space, making it ideal for limited computer room environments. You can easily integrate it into your existing network architecture without cumbersome changes.

In addition to superior performance and ease of use, our products also focus on safety. DWDM/CWDM 1U optical transmission system Use advanced encryption technology to ensure your data is always protected during transmission. You can confidently transfer sensitive financial data, medical records, or other important information without worrying about the risk of a data breach.

Not only that, our DWDM/CWDM 1U optical transmission system Scalability advantages are also provided. As your business grows and needs increase, you can easily expand the system’s capacity to accommodate growing data traffic.

Choose our DWDM/CWDM 1U optical transmission system now, bringing your network into a new high-speed era! Not only will it meet your needs, but it will also give you a huge competitive advantage. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring greater success to your business today!

Product Application

DWDM/CWDM 1U optical transmission system is a device used in optical fiber communication networks. It can realize high-capacity and high-speed optical signal transmission. Its application areas cover many different industries and scenarios.

1. Telecom operators: DWDM/CWDM 1U optical transmission system is an important tool for telecom operators to build high-capacity optical fiber transmission networks. It can transmit large amounts of data and voice communications between cities or internationally, supporting operators to provide high-speed broadband access, video streaming, cloud services and other communication services.

2. Data center: In large data centers, DWDM/CWDM 1U optical transmission systems can be used for high-speed connections between data centers to achieve rapid data transmission and backup. It can help data centers provide faster and more reliable services and support critical applications such as cloud computing, virtualization and big data processing.

3. Financial institutions: The financial industry has special needs for high-speed and secure data transmission. DWDM/CWDM 1U optical transmission system can help financial institutions establish high-performance network infrastructure to support high-frequency transactions, financial data transmission and remote branch connections.

4. Healthcare: The healthcare industry requires real-time, high-quality data transmission to support applications such as remote medical diagnosis, remote surgery, and medical image transmission. DWDM/CWDM 1U optical transmission system can provide stable and high-speed network connection to ensure timely transmission and confidentiality of medical data.

5. Educational institutions: Educational institutions require high-speed network connections to support online education, distance learning and multimedia resource sharing. The DWDM/CWDM 1U optical transmission system can meet the needs of educational institutions for large capacity and high bandwidth, providing high-quality video streaming and online interactive experience.

In short, DWDM/CWDM 1U optical transmission systems have a wide range of applications, covering multiple industries such as telecommunications, data centers, finance, healthcare, and education. It can provide high-speed, high-capacity optical fiber transmission, help users achieve fast and reliable data communications, and promote digital transformation and innovative development in various industries.

Product Features

Standard 1U rack-mounted design, completely using the front panel outlet method, providing 3 service board slots, 1 network management service board slot, 1 fan board slot, and 2 power supply board slots, all Pluggable.

Supports various service WDM with rates of 100Mbit/s~400Gbit/s to meet the requirements of multiple service access. Supports CWDM and DWDM, and the single board has two options: coarse wave and dense wave.

Supports up to 1*400G bidirectional service access for a single device, and can expand transmission capacity through the device stack. Supports multi-distance and multi-service transmission, and achieves longer-distance transmission by configuring optical amplification and dispersion compensation.

Supports single-fiber unidirectional, single-fiber bidirectional, and dual-fiber bidirectional application scenarios. Supports a unified network management platform and provides complete performance monitoring capabilities for network and device performance.

Supports 110V/220V AC or -48V DC power supply, and has 1+1 power input protection. Supports deployment in cabinets, outdoor cabinets, desktops, hanging walls, derricks and other locations.

Supports configuration-free installation, and the device is plug-and-play. Adopt green energy-saving design, typical configuration 50W/120W optional power consumption.

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