DWDM/CWDM 2U optical transmission system

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Product Description

This product will bring about earth-shaking changes to your business, soaring your network speed and taking your business to the next level.

Not only does this product deliver amazing speeds and bandwidth, it’s also user-friendly and easy to install. Our carefully designed 2U optical transmission system is compact and efficient, suitable for various computer room environments. You don’t need to make time-consuming and cumbersome changes, and it can be easily integrated into the existing network architecture.

In addition to superior performance and ease of use, our products also focus on safety. The DWDM/CWDM 2U optical transmission system uses advanced encryption technology to ensure that your data is always protected during transmission. You can transfer sensitive financial data, medical records, or other important information without worrying about the risk of a data breach.

Now is the time to choose our DWDM/CWDM 2U optical transmission system to bring your network into a new high-speed era! Not only will it meet your needs, but it will also give you a huge competitive advantage. Miss this opportunity and you will miss out on the chance for your business to succeed. Buy our products today and let your business take off!

Product Application

This product is a high-performance optical transmission system suitable for multiple industries and scenarios.

1. Telecom operators: DWDM/CWDM 2U optical transmission system is an ideal choice for telecom operators to build high-speed, high-capacity optical fiber transmission networks. It can realize the cross-city or international transmission of large amounts of data and voice communications, and supports telecom operators to provide key communication services such as high-speed broadband access, video streaming, and cloud services.

2. Data center: In large data centers, DWDM/CWDM 2U optical transmission system can be used for high-speed connections between data centers to achieve fast and reliable data transmission and backup. It can help data centers provide high-performance network infrastructure and support key applications such as cloud computing, virtualization, and big data processing.

3. Financial industry: Financial institutions have special needs for high-speed and secure data transmission. DWDM/CWDM 2U optical transmission system can help financial institutions build stable and reliable network infrastructure to support high-frequency transactions, financial data transmission and connections between branches.

4. Healthcare: The medical industry has an urgent need for real-time, high-quality data transmission. DWDM/CWDM 2U optical transmission system can provide stable network connection, support key applications such as remote medical diagnosis, remote surgery and medical image transmission, ensuring timely transmission and confidentiality of medical data.

5. Educational institutions: Educational institutions require high-speed network connections to support online education, distance learning and multimedia resource sharing. DWDM/CWDM 2U optical transmission system can provide high-capacity and high-bandwidth network transmission, providing high-quality video streaming and online interactive experience.

It provides high-speed, high-capacity optical fiber transmission, helps users achieve fast and reliable data communications, and promotes digital transformation and innovative development in various industries. No matter your industry, this product provides you with outstanding performance and opportunities for business growth.

Product Features

Standard 2U rack-mounted design, fully adopting front panel cable outlet, providing 7 service board slots, 1 network management board slot, service slot, 1 fan board slot, and 2 power supply board slots Slots are all pluggable.

Supports STM-1/4/16/64 multiple services, supports FE, GE, 10GE, 40GE, 100G, SAN, CPRI, PON and other services to meet multi-service access requirements.

A single device supports up to 32 bidirectional 10G services or 64 unidirectional 10G service access, and can expand the transmission capacity to 960Gbit/s through the device stack.

Supports single-fiber unidirectional, single-fiber bidirectional, and dual-fiber bidirectional application scenarios. Supports a single-span maximum transmission distance of 130km (36DB), and can achieve long-distance transmission through relays.

It supports multiple network protection schemes such as optical layer 1+1 channel protection or optical line side 1+1 protection, providing multiple protections for important equipment units and optical fiber lines with high reliability.

Supports 220V AC or -48V DC power supply, and has 1+1 power input protection. Supports 19-inch and ETSI cabinets, easy layout and strong applicability.

Supports configuration-free installation, and the device is plug-and-play. Supports a unified network management platform and provides complete performance monitoring capabilities for network and device performance.

Adopting green energy-saving design, typical configuration power consumption is 180W. Focus on metropolitan area networks to meet business access, aggregation and networking.

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