NVIDIA 400G OSFP DR4 Flat Top 1310nm Transceiver Module

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Product Description

NVIDIA 400G OSFP DR4 Flat Top 1310nm Transceiver Module is an optical module produced by NVIDIA for high-speed data transmission. It supports a transmission rate of 400Gbps, uses DR4 technology and 1310nm wavelength, and uses flat-top laser technology, which is suitable for application scenarios that require high bandwidth and stable transmission. This module can be used in data centers, enterprise networks, communication operators and other fields to provide you with efficient and reliable data transmission solutions.

As a high-performance optical transceiver module, NVIDIA 400G OSFP DR4 Flat Top 1310nm Transceiver Module uses advanced optoelectronic technology to achieve data transmission rates up to 400Gbps. Its 1310nm wavelength design can achieve longer distance transmission in optical fiber transmission, ensuring the stability and reliability of data transmission. Its OSFP interface design is compatible with various network devices, providing you with more flexible application options.

Product Application

(1) Data center interconnection: Data centers require high-speed, high-bandwidth connections to support large-scale data transmission and processing. NVIDIA 400G OSFP DR4 Flat Top 1310nm Transceiver Module can be used for internal interconnection in data centers to connect servers, storage devices and network devices to achieve fast and reliable data transmission.

(2) Optical transmission network: Optical transmission network is the infrastructure of communication operators and is used to carry large amounts of data and communication traffic. This kind of transceiver module can be used in transmission equipment in optical transmission networks, such as optical fiber transmission equipment, optical transmission network equipment, etc., to provide high-bandwidth, long-distance data transmission.

(3) Remote data center connection: The connection between remote data centers requires high-speed and stable data transmission. NVIDIA 400G OSFP DR4 Flat Top 1310nm Transceiver Module is suitable for long-distance optical fiber communication needs. It can be used to connect data centers in different geographical locations and support high-capacity data transmission.

(4) Enterprise network: Enterprise network needs to support high-speed data transmission and communication to meet the growing network traffic and application requirements. This transceiver module can be used in core switches, routers and distributed network equipment of enterprise networks to provide high-performance data transmission and connectivity.

(5) High-performance computing: In fields such as scientific research, weather forecasting, and financial analysis, large-scale data processing and calculations are required. NVIDIA 400G OSFP DR4 Flat Top 1310nm Transceiver Module can be used for interconnection of high-performance computing clusters, supporting fast and reliable data transmission, improving computing efficiency and data processing speed.

Product Features

-High-speed transmission: This module supports a transmission rate of 400Gbps, providing high-speed, high-bandwidth data transmission capabilities. It is suitable for application scenarios that require large-capacity data transmission, such as data centers, optical transmission networks, and high-performance computing.

-DR4 technology: The module uses DR4 technology for optical signal transmission. DR4 technology uses four parallel fiber optic channels, each with a transmission rate of 100Gbps, and the total bandwidth can reach 400Gbps. This technology can provide high-density, high-efficiency data transmission.

-Flat Top Laser: This module uses flat top laser technology. Flat-top lasers can provide a wider spectral width, making optical signals more stable and anti-interference during transmission. This helps ensure data transmission reliability and data integrity.

-Wavelength selection: The module uses the wavelength of 1310nm for optical signal transmission. The 1310nm wavelength is a commonly used wavelength for long-distance transmission on single-mode optical fiber, with lower transmission loss and better optical fiber compatibility.

-OSFP package: This module adopts OSFP package (Octal Small Form-factor Pluggable), which is a high-density, high-performance optical module package. OSFP packaging provides higher port density and better heat dissipation performance, and is suitable for high-speed network connections and high-density layout application scenarios.

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