112G QSFP28 1310nm 10km Optical Transceiver Module

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Product Description

Are you looking for a solution that can handle your high-speed data transfer needs? No need to look any further! We are proud to launch the 112G QSFP28 1310nm 10km Optical Transceiver Module, taking your data transmission experience to an unprecedented level!

This optical transceiver module stands out for its excellent performance and reliable stability. Not only can it achieve ultra-high-speed data transmission up to 112 Gbps, but it can also cover transmission distances of up to 10 kilometers. Whether you are connecting in a data center, remote storage application, telecommunications network or wide area network, our optical transceiver modules can meet your high-speed, high-bandwidth transmission needs.

Product Application

1. Data center: In large data centers, high-speed and stable data transmission is crucial. Optical transceiver modules can be used for interconnection between servers, supporting fast data exchange and storage. They can help data centers achieve efficient data processing, backup and sharing, improving overall performance and reliability.

2. Remote storage applications: This optical transceiver module is an ideal choice for scenarios where data needs to be transmitted to remote storage devices. It can transmit data over a distance of up to 10 kilometers, making remote storage more convenient and reliable. Whether it is backing up important data or realizing remote data storage, it can meet the needs of high-speed and long-distance transmission.

3. Telecommunications network: In the field of telecommunications, fast and reliable data transmission is crucial for real-time communication and Internet services. Optical transceiver modules can be used for access and transmission of optical fiber networks to support high-bandwidth data traffic. They can meet the high-speed and large-capacity data transmission requirements of telecom operators, Internet service providers and other industries.

4. WAN connection: Enterprises usually have offices and branches distributed in different locations and need to establish reliable WAN connections to achieve data sharing and collaboration. This optical transceiver module can help enterprises establish long-distance, high-speed connections, connect dispersed offices together, and improve team collaboration efficiency.

5. Cloud computing and virtualization: With the popularization of cloud computing and virtualization technology, the requirements for network transmission speed and performance are getting higher and higher. Optical transceiver modules can meet the requirements for high-speed, low-latency data transmission in cloud computing and virtualization environments in large-scale data centers, ensuring the stability and reliability of cloud services.

Product Features

1. Extremely fast connection: With a transmission rate of 112 Gbps, your data can be transferred instantly. No longer worry about slow transfer speeds of large files, you can process and share data more efficiently, improving work efficiency.

2. Stable and reliable: Our optical transceiver modules adopt advanced technology to ensure stable signal quality and strong anti-interference ability. You can transfer important data with confidence that there will be no data loss or damage, ensuring data security and integrity.

3. Expanded connections: With this optical transceiver module, you can easily expand your network connections. Whether it’s server interconnection in a data center or connecting offices and branches in different locations, our products can help you achieve remote collaboration and data sharing, breaking geographical restrictions.

4. Easy to use: Our optical transceiver modules are compatible with a variety of equipment and fiber optic infrastructure, and installation and configuration are simple and fast. You don’t need to worry about complicated setup processes, you can easily use it and enjoy the convenience of high-speed connections.

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