12 Channel MWDM Module

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Product Description

12 Channel MWDM Module (Multi-Wavelength Division Multiplexing) is an optical device used for wavelength multiplexing and demultiplexing in optical communication systems. It allows the simultaneous transmission of multiple optical signals, each using a different wavelength for encoding and decoding.

The 12 Channel MWDM Module usually consists of multiple wavelength division multiplexers (WDM) and wavelength demultiplexers (Demultiplexer). WDM is used to combine multiple incident signals into a composite signal, while Demultiplexer is used to demultiplex the composite signal into multiple separate signals.

The 12 Channel MWDM Module has 12 channels, which means it can process optical signals of 12 different wavelengths at the same time. Each channel corresponds to a specific wavelength, which is often effectively separated and transmitted in optical communication systems.

Product Application

– Optical fiber communication system: 12 Channel MWDM Module can be used for optical signal transmission and spectrum analysis in optical fiber communication systems. It can multiplex and demultiplex multiple signals at different wavelengths to achieve high-density optical signal transmission.

-Optical sensing system: Optical fiber sensing applications require simultaneous monitoring of multiple physical quantities or environmental parameters. This module can be used to multiplex signals from multiple sensors to achieve simultaneous monitoring and measurement of multiple parameters.

-Data centers and cloud computing: In data centers and cloud computing environments, large amounts of high-speed data transmission are required. The 12 Channel MWDM Module can multiplex multiple optical signals, allowing the optical fiber network in the data center to transmit multiple channels of data at the same time, improving bandwidth utilization and transmission efficiency.

– Optical measurement and testing: In the field of optical measurement and testing, optical signals need to be analyzed and measured. This module can be used in spectrum analyzers and optical test equipment to multiplex multiple test signals to measure and analyze multiple signals at the same time.

-Optical transmission system: 12 Channel MWDM Module can be used to build an optical transmission system to achieve multi-channel optical signal transmission. It can multiplex optical signals of different channels to improve the transmission capacity and efficiency of optical fiber networks.

Product Features

1 High integration: This module uses advanced integration technology to multiplex multiple optical signals and transmit them through an optical fiber. Compared with traditional optical fiber transmission equipment, it has a higher level of integration and can meet your needs for large-capacity data transmission.

2. High transmission efficiency: Due to the use of advanced optical fiber transmission technology, the 12 Channel MWDM Module has high transmission efficiency. It can complete the transmission of large amounts of data in a short time, improve data processing efficiency, and meet your needs for high-speed data transmission.

3. Strong stability: This module adopts high-quality optical components and stable circuit design, and has excellent stability. It can operate stably under various environmental conditions to ensure the reliability of data transmission.

4. Small size and low power consumption: The 12 Channel MWDM Module adopts a small size design and takes up little space, making it convenient for you to deploy. It also consumes very little power, saving energy and reducing operating costs.

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