16-port 100M EPON ONU

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Product Description

16-port 100M EPON ONU is an EPON network device that supports 16 ports and each port has a speed of 100M. It provides network access functions, is suitable for low to medium speed data transmission requirements, and is suitable for scenarios where a large number of terminal devices need to be connected.

This product is also a high-performance network device. The 16-port 100M EPON ONU adopts advanced EPON technology and can provide stable and high-speed network connections. Whether in the office, school or home, you can enjoy a smooth network experience.

Product Application

The enterprise network environment is one of the main application areas of 16-port 100M EPON ONU. Whether it is a small or medium-sized enterprise or a large enterprise, it needs an efficient and stable network environment to support daily work. It can meet the needs of enterprises for high-speed and stable network connections and improve work efficiency.

Educational institutions are also important application scenarios for 16-port 100M EPON ONU. Schools, training institutions, etc. need to provide students with stable network connections to support online learning and teaching activities. It can meet the needs of a large number of you who are online at the same time and ensure that the network is unblocked.

Home you can also benefit from 16-port 100M EPON ONU. In today’s era of popularization of smart homes, more and more devices in the home need to be connected to the network, such as TVs, speakers, smart home appliances, etc. It can provide a stable network connection, allowing you to enjoy a smart life.

Product Features

1 Multi-port design: 16-port 100M EPON ONU adopts a 16-port design, which can connect multiple devices to meet the needs of large network environments. Whether it’s a business or a school, you can easily connect devices to improve work efficiency.

2. High-speed transmission: 100M transmission speed ensures fast data transmission, allowing you to complete your work more efficiently. Whether you are downloading large files, watching high-definition videos or playing online games, you can get a smooth experience.

3 Strong stability: 16-port 100M EPON ONU adopts advanced technology to maintain stable signal transmission and avoid network interruption and delay problems. You can enjoy the Internet anytime and anywhere without worrying about network instability.

4. Easy installation: The installation and use of this product are very simple. You only need to follow the instructions to perform simple settings and you can easily complete the network connection. Moreover, it also has good compatibility and can match perfectly with various devices and systems.

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