2×2 optical coupler

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Product Description

2×2 optical coupler is a high-performance optical fiber splitter with excellent optical performance and stable operating characteristics. This product uses advanced optical technology to achieve high-precision optical signal distribution and transmission, ensuring the reliability and stability of data transmission. Whether in the fields of optical communications, optical sensing, optical networks or optical testing, it can play an important role.

You may be concerned about the quality and reliability of the product. The 2×2 optical coupler uses high-quality optical materials and precise manufacturing processes to ensure high reliability and stability of the product. The product also undergoes strict quality control processes to ensure consistent performance and quality for each product.

Product Application

It is widely used in fiber optic communication systems, including fiber optic transmission, fiber optic distribution, fiber optic networks, and fiber optic sensing. In optical fiber communication systems, 2×2 optical couplers can be used to build and expand optical fiber networks to realize the distribution and transmission of optical signals. In the field of optical fiber sensing, this product can be used for signal collection and processing of optical fiber sensors to improve the sensitivity and reliability of the sensor.

Suppose you are a fiber optic communications equipment manufacturer and you need to build a high-performance fiber optic transmission system. By using a 2×2 optical coupler, you can distribute optical signals into different optical fibers to achieve multiplexing and distributed transmission. In this way, you can increase the transmission capacity and flexibility of the system to meet your needs for high-speed, large-capacity fiber optic communications.

Product Features

1 High-precision distribution: Using precision optical design and manufacturing technology, it can achieve high-precision optical signal distribution, ensuring signal stability and transmission quality.

2 Low insertion loss: This product has low insertion loss characteristics, which can minimize signal attenuation and loss and improve signal transmission efficiency and distance.

3. Wide operating wavelength range: It has the characteristics of a wide wavelength range, which can adapt to the optical signal transmission requirements of different wavelengths and improve the compatibility and flexibility of the system.

4 Compact design: This product adopts a compact appearance design and is small in size, making it easy to install and integrate into various optical fiber communication equipment, saving space and cost.

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