2×32 optical splitter

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Product Description

2×32 optical splitter is a high-quality fiber optic splitter that can distribute one fiber optic signal to 32 different target devices to achieve the transmission of multiple fiber optic signals. This product uses advanced technology and materials to ensure its excellent performance and stability. It has high splitting ratio, low insertion loss and excellent uniformity, and can meet the needs of various optical fiber communication systems.

The authoritative background information of the 2×32 optical splitter is that it has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and RoHS environmental certification, ensuring its quality and environmental friendliness. It has also obtained CE certification and meets the safety standards of the European market.

Product Application

2×32 optical splitter is widely used in optical fiber communication systems and is suitable for various scenarios and application fields. It can be used in distributed optical fiber transmission, optical fiber sensing, optical fiber testing and data centers in optical fiber networks.

In terms of distributed optical fiber transmission, the 2×32 optical splitter can transmit optical fiber signals to different terminal devices to realize the transmission and distribution of multi-channel signals. In the field of optical fiber sensing, it can transmit optical fiber signals to various sensors to monitor and control environmental parameters.

In terms of fiber optic testing, it can be used for testing and monitoring fiber optic networks to help you understand the performance and status of the fiber optic network. In data centers, it can be used for optical fiber interconnection to achieve high-speed data transmission and data center interconnection.

Product Features

1. High splitting ratio: 2×32 optical splitter has a high splitting ratio and can distribute optical fiber signals to 32 target devices to achieve multi-channel signal transmission. This makes it highly flexible and scalable in fiber optic communication systems.

2 Low insertion loss: This product uses advanced optical fiber technology and materials to ensure low insertion loss and reduce energy loss during signal transmission. This enables it to provide high-quality fiber transmission and stable signal transmission performance.

3 Excellent uniformity: The 2×32 optical splitter has excellent uniformity, ensuring the consistency and stability of the optical fiber signal distributed to each target device. This enables it to meet application scenarios with higher signal quality requirements.

4 Reliability and stability: This product uses high-quality materials and workmanship, and undergoes strict quality control to ensure its reliability and stability. It can work normally in various harsh environments and maintain good performance for a long time.

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