48x10G+6x100G aggregation and distribution system

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Product Description

If you are looking for an excellent network architecture solution, then the 48x10G+6x100G aggregation and distribution system will be your ideal choice. Our systems integrate high-speed connectivity and flexible distribution capabilities, designed to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability for your data transfers.

Whether your needs are high-volume data transfer, large network aggregation or rapid data distribution, our products can meet your expectations. With a combination of 48 10G ports and 6 100G ports, our systems are capable of handling large amounts of data traffic, ensuring your network runs smoothly.

Not only that, our products are highly scalable and flexible. Whether the size of your network is a small business or a large organization, our systems can be customized and scaled to meet your changing business needs.

Product Application

When it comes to large-capacity data transmission and network aggregation and distribution, the 48x10G+6x100G aggregation and distribution system is an indispensable solution. It plays an important role in the following application fields and scenarios:

1. Data center: Modern data centers need to handle massive data traffic and ensure high-speed transmission and reliability of data. The system provides a combination of 48 10G ports and 6 100G ports to meet the data center’s needs for high-capacity data transmission and distribution. It can support aggregation and distribution operations within the data center and help achieve efficient data processing and storage.

2. Enterprise network: Large enterprises usually have multiple office locations and branches, and need to centrally manage data and quickly distribute it to various locations. The system can be used for aggregation and distribution of enterprise networks, ensuring fast and reliable data transmission. It can help enterprises achieve efficient data sharing, collaboration and decision-making, and improve work efficiency and business responsiveness.

3. Cloud service providers: Cloud service providers need to handle a large number of user data requests and data transfers while maintaining high-speed and reliable services. This system can serve as a key component of the cloud platform for aggregating user requests and distributing data. It can meet the requirements of cloud service providers for high-capacity data transmission and high scalability, ensuring that users receive an excellent cloud service experience.

4. Scientific research institutions: The field of scientific research needs to process a large amount of experimental data and complex computing tasks, and has extremely high requirements for network performance and capacity. The system can be used for data aggregation and distribution in scientific research institutions, supporting real-time data transmission and collaborative work. It provides high-speed communication and flexible configuration functions to meet the needs of scientific researchers for high-performance networks.

Product Features

1. High-capacity aggregation and distribution: 48x10G+6x100G aggregation and distribution system has large-capacity aggregation and distribution capabilities. It provides a combination of 48 10G ports and 6 100G ports, capable of handling large amounts of data traffic and meeting the needs of high-speed data transmission.

2. High-speed data transmission: The system supports high-speed data transmission, allowing you to transmit large-capacity data quickly and stably. Whether in a data center, enterprise network or cloud service environment, it can provide excellent transmission performance and ensure the timeliness and accuracy of data.

3. Flexible configuration and scalability: 48x10G+6x100G aggregation and distribution system has flexible configuration options and high scalability. You can customize and configure it according to actual needs to adapt to network environments of different sizes and complexity. Whether it’s a small business or a large data center, it can meet your specific requirements.

4. Powerful data aggregation function: The system has a powerful data aggregation function and can centrally manage and integrate multiple data sources. It can aggregate data from different sources into a central node, provide centralized data management and distribution, and simplify data processing processes.

5. Highly reliable and stable: 48x10G+6x100G aggregation and distribution system is designed to provide highly reliable and stable performance. It uses advanced technology and reliable hardware components to ensure long-term stable operation, reduce the risk of failure, and ensure data security and integrity.

6. Simplified management and operation: The system provides a simplified management and operation interface, allowing users to easily deploy and manage the network. It provides an intuitive control panel and easy-to-use configuration options to help users quickly set and adjust network parameters and improve work efficiency.

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