8-port 100M GPON POE ONU

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Product Description

8-port 100M GPON POE ONU is a network device with 8 100M speed ports, adopts GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) technology, and supports POE (Power over Ethernet) function.

This product also supports POE function, which can power multiple devices to facilitate your network layout and management. This product is cost-effective, easy to install, and easy to maintain. It is an ideal choice for you to build intelligent networks in homes, businesses, and other scenarios.

This product uses high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure its stable and reliable performance. This product also has a number of technology patents, providing you with a more secure and reliable network connection. You can choose this product with confidence to meet your network needs.

Product Application

8-port 100M GPON POE ONU is widely used in homes, enterprises and other scenarios, and can provide you with high-speed and stable network connections. In a home scenario, you can use this product to achieve high-speed Internet access, high-definition video viewing, online gaming and other needs; in an enterprise scenario, this product can provide you with high-speed and stable network connections to meet the enterprise’s efficient network management and data transmission need.

This product can also be widely used in the Internet of Things, smart homes, video surveillance and other fields to provide you with more intelligent network services. You can use the 8-port 100M GPON POE ONU to realize network control of smart home devices and realize intelligent home management; in the field of video surveillance, you can use this product to achieve high-definition video transmission and remote monitoring.

Product Features

(1) 8 100M ports: This device has 8 100M speed ports, which can connect multiple devices, such as computers, IP cameras, wireless access points, etc., to provide high-speed wired network access.

(2) GPON technology: GPON is a passive optical fiber network technology used for optical fiber transmission, which can provide high bandwidth and stable network connections. Through GPON technology, the device can achieve high-speed data transmission and large bandwidth.

(3) POE function: POE technology allows power supply to POE-enabled devices through network cables without the need for additional power adapters. This means you can directly connect POE-enabled devices (such as IP cameras, wireless access points, etc.) to the 8-port 100M GPON POE ONU, thus simplifying the process of device wiring and power supply.

(4) Multi-port design: The 8-port design makes the device suitable for scenarios where multiple devices need to be connected, such as small and medium-sized offices, enterprises, hotels, etc. Each port provides a 100M speed network connection, which is enough to meet regular Internet access needs.

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