Box abs DWDM module

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Product Description

Box ABS DWDM Module (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) is a device used in optical communication systems to realize dense wavelength division multiplexing and demultiplexing of optical signals. It uses a box-type ABS shell.

Box ABS DWDM Module usually consists of multiple DWDM channels, each channel is used to multiplex and demultiplex a specific wavelength. They have a compact design and combine multiple wavelengths of optical signals in one optical fiber for transmission to improve the transmission capacity and bandwidth utilization of the optical fiber network.

Product Application

-Optical transmission network: Box ABS DWDM Module can be used in long-distance optical fiber transmission networks, such as optical fiber backbone networks and optical transmission systems. They provide high-density wavelength division multiplexing and demultiplexing functions, allowing the simultaneous transmission of optical signals of multiple wavelengths, thereby improving the transmission capacity and bandwidth utilization of optical fiber networks.

-Data center interconnection: In large data centers, the demand for high-bandwidth interconnection is increasing. This module can achieve high-speed interconnection between data centers by combining optical signals of multiple wavelengths into one optical fiber for transmission, supporting large-capacity data transmission and communication.

-Telecom network: In the network of telecom operators, Box ABS DWDM Module can be used to provide high-speed, high-capacity transmission services. They can expand the transmission capacity of fiber optic networks to meet growing data and communications needs, including the transmission of voice, video, data and Internet services.

-Scientific research and laboratories: This module is also commonly used in scientific research institutions, university laboratories and optical communication experiments. They provide flexible optical signal multiplexing and demultiplexing functions to facilitate optical experiments, wavelength testing, and performance evaluation of optical equipment.

Product Features

1. High-throughput: Box abs DWDM Module supports simultaneous transmission of multiple wavelengths, providing high-throughput transmission capabilities. You can choose different wavelength combinations according to your needs to achieve flexible network configuration and expansion.

2. Low insertion loss: This module adopts advanced optical design and manufacturing technology and has the characteristics of low insertion loss. It can maintain the high quality and stability of optical signals, reduce losses during signal transmission, and improve transmission efficiency.

3. Low power consumption: Box abs DWDM Module adopts low power consumption design, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and operating costs. It has good energy management functions, can adjust power according to actual needs, and provides efficient optical transmission services.

4. High stability: This module has been rigorously tested and verified and has high stability and reliability. It can work stably in various harsh environments, maintain stable transmission of optical signals, and provide you with reliable network connections.

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