Box CWDM module

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Product Description

Box CWDM module is a device used in optical communication systems to implement CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technology. CWDM is an optical fiber transmission technology that multiplexes multiple optical signals at different wavelengths so that they can be transmitted simultaneously on the same optical fiber.

The module is usually presented as a modular box design with multiple channels, each channel is used to multiplex and demultiplex a specific wavelength. Box CWDM modules are usually based on fiber grating technology, using gratings or filters to select and separate different wavelengths. Each channel typically has a wider wavelength bandwidth, such as 20nm or 40nm, to provide a wider communications spectrum.

Box CWDM modules usually have smaller size and easy installation, and can be easily integrated into optical communication equipment or racks. They also feature low insertion loss and high stability to ensure the quality and stability of optical signals.

Product Application

Enterprise network: This module can be used in enterprise networks to provide multi-wavelength optical signal transmission. They can establish high-bandwidth fiber optic connections within the enterprise, supporting data center interconnections, campus networks and communications between branch offices.

Data Center Interconnect: In large data centers, high-speed and high-capacity data transmission is critical. Box CWDM module can establish multi-wavelength optical links between data centers to achieve high-speed data transmission and interconnection to meet the expansion and upgrade needs of data centers.

Wireless communication: This module can be used in wireless communication systems, such as mobile communication base stations and wireless post-transmission networks. They support multi-wavelength optical signal transmission, provide high-capacity and low-latency optical fiber connections, and meet the high-speed and reliability requirements of wireless communication systems.

Video transmission: Box CWDM module can be used in video transmission fields, such as radio and television and live video broadcast. They can transmit multiple video signals simultaneously, providing high-quality video content transmission and distribution.

Military Communications: This module can also be used in military communications applications to establish secure, high-bandwidth fiber optic connections. They provide multi-wavelength optical signal multiplexing and demultiplexing functions to support the high-speed and anti-interference performance requirements of military communication systems.

Product Features

(1) High performance: This module uses high-quality optical components and advanced design technology to achieve high-speed and stable optical fiber transmission, with features such as low insertion loss, high isolation, and low-temperature drift.

(2) High reliability: Box CWDM module has good compatibility and scalability, and can be seamlessly integrated with other optical fiber transmission equipment to provide you with a more complete solution.

(3) Easy to install and maintain: This module adopts a compact design, is small in size, light in weight, and easy to install and maintain. The module also has good stability and reliability and can run stably for a long time.

(4) Various application scenarios: Box CWDM module is widely used in various optical fiber transmission scenarios, including data centers, enterprise networks, telecom operators, radio and television, etc., and can meet various complex optical fiber transmission needs.

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