gigabit ethernet poe switch

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Product Description

Gigabit Ethernet PoE Switch is a high-performance, high-reliability network switch. It has multiple ports that can connect multiple devices to achieve high-speed data transmission and stable network connection. This product uses advanced PoE technology to provide power and data transmission for network equipment, greatly simplifying network cabling and reducing costs.

Gigabit Ethernet PoE Switch uses high-quality materials and advanced technology to ensure its high performance and reliability. It supports the IEEE802.3af/at protocol and can provide up to 30W power for network equipment, meeting the needs of various equipment. It also has various security protection functions such as automatic identification of power supply power and automatic power-off protection, ensuring the safe and stable operation of network equipment.

Product Application

– Video surveillance system. Gigabit Ethernet PoE Switch can provide stable power and data transmission for cameras, video recorders, monitors and other equipment, achieve high-definition video surveillance, and improve security performance and management efficiency.

– Wi-Fi coverage. Gigabit Ethernet PoE Switch can provide power and data transmission for wireless access points, gateways, controllers and other devices, enabling rapid deployment and expansion of wireless networks and improving network coverage and signal quality.

– Voice communication system. Gigabit Ethernet PoE Switch can provide power and data transmission for IP phones, conference systems, voice gateways and other equipment to achieve high-quality voice communication and improve communication efficiency and collaboration capabilities.

– Smart home system. Gigabit Ethernet PoE Switch can provide power and data transmission for smart lights, curtains, air conditioners, door locks and other equipment, realizing remote control and automated management of smart homes, improving the quality of life and energy saving effects.

Product Features

(1) High-speed data transmission: It supports the Gigabit Ethernet standard and provides a data transmission rate of 1 Gbps per second, enabling the network to handle large amounts of data and high-bandwidth applications. This makes it ideal for scenarios that require fast and stable data transmission.

(2) PoE power supply function: This product integrates PoE technology to provide power supply to connected devices through Ethernet cables without the need for additional power lines. This simplifies the wiring and installation of equipment and provides flexible power supply solutions.

(3) PoE standard compatibility: It follows PoE standards such as IEEE 802.3af or IEEE 802.3at to ensure compatibility and security. These standards specify the power range and power supply method of PoE power supply.

(4) Automatically identify devices: This product can automatically identify whether the connected device supports PoE and provide appropriate power supply according to the device needs. This means it can be used with a variety of PoE-enabled devices such as IP cameras, wireless access points, IP phones, etc.

(5) Power management and monitoring: This product has power management and monitoring functions, which can remotely monitor and control the power usage of connected devices, providing convenience in power budgeting and troubleshooting.

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