lc apc patch panel

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Product Description

LC APC Patch Panel is a device used to manage and connect LC APC fiber patch cords. LC APC (Angled Physical Contact) is a special type of LC fiber optic connector with an 8-degree deflection in the end face tilt angle to reduce reflection and insertion loss and provide higher fiber optic connection performance.

The panel is typically installed in a rack or cabinet, similar to a regular fiber optic patch panel. It has multiple LC APC fiber optic interface ports, each port is used to plug into an LC APC fiber optic connector. LC APC connectors are usually green to distinguish them from standard LC connectors.

This fiber optic panel provides a centralized interface point for connecting and managing LC APC fiber optic patch cords from disparate devices. Such panels are usually labeled and numbered to allow identification and management of different fiber optic connections. By using the LC APC Patch Panel, you can achieve high-performance LC APC fiber optic connections to support high-speed data transmission and fiber optic network applications.

Product Application

(1) LC APC Patch Panel is widely used in optical communication networks, including long-distance optical fiber transmission, optical fiber backbone networks, optical fiber access networks, etc. Due to the tilted design of LC APC connectors, they can reduce the reflection and insertion loss of optical signals, provide better signal quality and connection reliability, and are suitable for optical communication applications requiring high performance.

(2) Data centers require high-density, high-performance optical fiber connections to support large-scale data transmission and cloud computing applications. LC APC Patch Panel is used to connect servers, storage devices and network equipment in data centers, providing low-loss and high-bandwidth optical fiber connections.

(3) Telecom operators need to deploy large-scale optical fiber networks to support services such as broadband access, mobile communications and fiber-to-the-home services. LC APC Patch Panel is used to connect fiber optic cables and fiber optic transmission equipment, providing high reliability and high performance fiber optic connections.

(4) Industries such as radio and television companies, entertainment industry, and audio and video production companies require high-quality, reliable optical fiber connections to support high-definition video, audio transmission and signal distribution. LC APC Patch Panel can be used to connect broadcast equipment, cameras, audio equipment and mixers, etc., providing stable and high-performance optical fiber connections.

(5) Scientific research institutions, laboratories and university research centers usually need to deploy high-performance optical fiber networks to support experimental data transmission and scientific research. LC APC Patch Panel can be used to connect experimental equipment, spectrometers, high-speed data acquisition systems, etc., providing stable, low-loss optical fiber connections.

Product Features

Low insertion loss

This panel achieves low insertion loss by using LC APC connectors and precise fiber optic wiring technology. This means that during optical signal transmission, the connections on the panel will reduce the attenuation of signal strength, ensuring more efficient fiber transmission.

Reduce reflection

The angled design of the LC APC connector also reduces reflections of optical signals. Reflection can cause signal loss and interference, and the angle of the LC APC connector can effectively reduce this reflection, providing better signal quality and connection stability.

High density cabling

This panel is typically designed as a high-density cabling solution and can accommodate multiple LC APC connector ports. This design allows a large number of fiber optic patch cords to be connected and managed in a limited space, providing a more compact and efficient fiber optic connection.

number mark

To facilitate the identification and management of different fiber optic connections, the panel usually has a marking and numbering system. Each connection port can be labeled and numbered to help you quickly identify and maintain fiber connections.

Easy maintenance

The panel provides a centralized interface point for easy management and maintenance of fiber optic connections. They organize and protect fiber optic patch cords, reduce clutter and risk of damage, and provide an interface that is easy to access and operate.

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