Leaders of Chongqing Institute of Technology visited GracyFiber

Leaders of Chongqing Institute of Technology visited GracyFiber

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At 2 pm on April 7, 2024, Secretary Qin from the School of Computer Science of Chongqing Institute of Technology, Director Wei of the Employment Department, and Teacher Wang visited Shenzhen Yicheng Optical Communication Technology Co., Ltd. for an inspection. Our company extended a warm welcome and arranged a detailed reception plan to ensure that the visit was efficient and fruitful.

Accompanied by the company leaders, they first visited our company’s office environment and R&D center, and gained an intuitive and comprehensive understanding of the company’s development history, technological innovation, product lines and market layout. Through the introduction, Secretary Qin spoke highly of our company’s professional strength and industry status in the field of optical communication technology.

Subsequently, the two parties had in-depth exchanges in the conference room. Mr. Wang of our company introduced in detail the company’s philosophy and practice of talent training, especially the recruitment strategies and career development paths for college graduates. At the same time, the work performance and growth of graduates from Chongqing Institute of Technology who are currently employed were also shared, emphasizing the important contribution of their professional skills and team spirit to the company’s development.

Then, the discussion turned to specific matters of cooperation between universities and enterprises. Our company has expressed its strong willingness to cooperate and hopes to establish a long-term strategic cooperative relationship with Chongqing Institute of Technology. We propose that we can jointly develop internship training projects to provide students with practical work experience while also providing our company with more outstanding talents. In addition, it is recommended to establish an “industry-university-research” joint laboratory to promote in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises in technology research and development and innovative applications.

Secretary Qin and Director Wei expressed positive responses to our company’s proposal. They believe that such a cooperation model will help the school’s teaching content closely match the needs of enterprises and improve students’ practical ability and employment competitiveness. Teacher Wang also said that through such cooperation, students can be provided with more opportunities to contact cutting-edge technologies and industry experts, and promote students’ all-round development.

At the end of the meeting, the two parties had an in-depth discussion on how to implement the details of cooperation and initially determined a follow-up communication plan and cooperation framework. The leaders of our company stated that they will formulate a detailed cooperation plan as soon as possible and further communicate with Chongqing Institute of Technology, with a view to transforming cooperation intentions into practical actions as soon as possible and achieving win-win development.

This inspection has deepened the understanding between our company and Chongqing Institute of Technology, and also laid a solid foundation for future school-enterprise cooperation. We look forward to both parties working together to jointly cultivate more high-quality and high-level students. , highly capable talents, contributing to the development of the optical communications industry.

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