mtp/mpo patch panel

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Product Description

MTP/MPO patch panel is a device used to organize and manage MTP/MPO fiber optic connections. MTP (Multi-fiber Diameter Optical Connector) and MPO (Multi-mode Optical Parallel Connector) are both high-density optical fiber connectors that can transmit multiple optical fiber signals simultaneously. The MTP/MPO patch panel provides a centralized interface for connecting and managing MTP/MPO fiber connections, making fiber cabling more tidy and manageable.

As a high-quality fiber optic connection device, the MTP/MPO Patch Panel has authoritative background information. It uses advanced manufacturing technology and high-quality materials to ensure product stability and reliability. MTP/MPO Patch Panel has also passed strict quality control and certification, such as ISO9001 and RoHS certification, providing you with peace of mind for use.

Product Application

Data centers often need to handle a large number of fiber optic connections for high-speed data transmission between servers. MTP/MPO patch panels provide a high-density and manageable way to connect and organize optical fibers to facilitate data center cabling and maintenance.

Large enterprise networks need to connect network devices between multiple floors, computer rooms, and departments. MTP/MPO patch panels can be used to connect fiber jumpers and fiber cables, providing a centralized interface to manage and maintain fiber connections, making enterprise networks more reliable and efficient.

MTP/MPO patch panels are widely used in the field of communication infrastructure, including telecom operators’ backbone networks, optical fiber access networks, and mobile communication base stations. They are used to connect and manage fiber optic connections, ensuring high-speed, stable and reliable communication transmission.

With the rapid development of data communications and cloud computing, high-density and high-bandwidth optical fiber connections are required to support large-scale data transmission and storage. The MTP/MPO patch panel provides a convenient way to connect and manage optical fibers to meet the needs of the data communications and cloud computing fields.

Product Features

-High-density connections: This patch panel provides high-density fiber optic connections, allowing a large number of optical fibers to be connected in a limited space. MTP/MPO connectors can support multiple fiber cores, such as 12, 24, 48 or more, enabling high-bandwidth and high-density fiber transmission.

– Fiber Management: Patch panels provide a centralized location to manage and organize MTP/MPO fiber connections. They usually have MTP/MPO interfaces for connecting fiber jumpers or fiber optic cables to make fiber optic cabling neater, more orderly, and easier to maintain and manage.

– Simplified cabling: This patch panel provides a centralized interface to connect a large number of optical fibers to one place. In this way, fiber optic cabling is cleaner and more orderly, reducing confusion and messy fiber connections, making maintenance and management easier.

– Flexible and expandable: This wiring panel usually has a modular design, and the wiring modules can be expanded or replaced as needed. This scalability allows the panel to adapt to fiber optic environments of different sizes and needs, making it easy to upgrade and expand.

-Management and Maintenance: Patch panels provide a centralized location to manage and maintain fiber optic connections. They make tracking, troubleshooting, and change management of connections easier.

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