network access layer switch

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Product Description

In the network architecture of large enterprises or organizations, a layered network design is usually adopted, in which the access layer is the lowest layer of the network and is responsible for connecting user devices (such as computers, IP phones, cameras, etc.) to the core network. Network access layer switches play a key role at this level.

The term Network Access Layer Switch may not be a standard industry term, but is a descriptive term used to refer to a device that plays the role of a switch in the network access layer.

Product Application

1. Corporate network:
Network Access Layer Switch plays a key role in enterprise networks. It is usually used to connect end devices (such as computers, IP phones, wireless access points, etc.) to local area networks (LAN) or wide area networks (WAN).
Every user in the enterprise network needs to connect to the network through the Network Access Layer Switch to obtain network resources and access the Internet. The product provides multiple ports and switching functions to support high-speed data transmission, traffic management and security control to ensure the reliability and security of the enterprise network.

2. Educational institutions:
Network Access Layer Switch is widely used in educational institutions. It is used to connect student and staff devices to provide network connectivity and resource access.
This product can support a large number of users to connect simultaneously and provide high bandwidth and stable network connections to meet the needs of educational institutions for online learning, resource sharing and multimedia teaching. Additionally, it can implement cybersecurity policies to protect educational institutions’ networks from potential threats.

3. Hotels and conference venues:
In hotels and conference venues, Network Access Layer Switches are widely used to provide network services to guests and conference participants. It can support large-scale user connections and provide high-speed Internet access and data transfer.
This product can also implement network traffic control and bandwidth management to ensure reasonable allocation and efficient utilization of public network resources. In addition, by implementing authentication and access control, it can also provide a secure network environment and protect user privacy and data security.

4. Medical institutions:
In healthcare organizations, Network Access Layer Switches are used to support medical devices, electronic medical record systems, and medical information exchange. It provides fast, reliable network connectivity for medical staff and patients.
This product can handle large amounts of data transmission and real-time communication needs, ensuring the reliability and security of medical information. At the same time, it also supports network segmentation and virtual LAN (VLAN) functions to isolate sensitive data and implement access control to protect medical networks from unauthorized access.

Product Features

Device connection: It provides multiple ports for connecting user devices, such as workstations, servers, printers, etc. These devices are connected to the core network through access layer switches and enable data transmission and communication.

Data packet forwarding: When the access layer switch receives a data packet, it forwards the data packet to the correct port based on the target MAC address to achieve direct communication between devices. This prevents data packets from being broadcast throughout the network, improving network performance and efficiency.

VLAN support: Access layer switches often support virtual LAN (VLAN) functionality, allowing the network to be divided into multiple logically isolated subnets. This helps isolate and manage network resources and improve network reliability and security.

Security control: Access layer switches usually have some security control functions, such as port security, MAC address filtering, and 802.1X authentication. These features can help limit access from unauthorized devices and provide basic network security protection.

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