OFC 2024: Optical Communications Event Invitation

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Hello everyone!

We are pleased to invite you to attend the American Optical Communications and Optical Networks Exhibition (OFC) 2024, which is the world’s largest and most influential international event in the field of optical communications. Since its inception in 1975, OFC has been successfully held for 43 times, bringing together countless innovative concepts, top ideas and hundreds of exhibitors, showcasing the latest technological research progress in optical communication modules, systems and networks.

OFC 2024: Optical Communications Event Invitation

OFC is the premier event in the global optical communications and networking field, providing industry insiders with opportunities for cooperation, analysis of the sources of technological driving force for industry development, and a source of inspiration. Whether it is technology display, market trends or industry forecasts, OFC provides one-stop service to give you a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends in the optical communications industry.

2024 ofc optical communication field exhibition

In this exhibition, you will have the opportunity to meet professionals from all over the world, share knowledge with them, build connections, discover business opportunities, and jointly promote the development of the industry. In addition, you can also visit the optical fiber exhibition area and the communication exhibition area to explore the latest products and technologies in the fields of communication equipment, system design, optical fiber components, optical fiber transmission subsystems and other fields.

gracyfiber 2024 ofc booth design renderings

We are proud to announce that GracyFiber, as an optical product innovator, will exhibit at this OFC. As an industry leader with more than 10 years of R&D and manufacturing experience, we focus on active optical modules, passive optical cables and device product lines, and focus on fiber optic sensor products. We have advanced manufacturing centers and efficient teams dedicated to providing more reliable, customized telecommunications and data communication network solutions for the next generation of innovative products.

gracyfiber new product recommendations

We sincerely invite you to visit the GracyFiber booth to learn more about our products. booth number 1905. We will display hot-selling products such as optical splitters, couplers, dense wavelength division multiplexers, isolators, and polarization-maintaining circulators. We look forward to meeting you face to face and sharing our innovative technologies and solutions.

Exhibition details are as follows:

  • Date: March 26 to March 28, 2024
  • Location: San Diego Convention Center, USA
  • Exhibition area: 60018.00 square meters
  • Number of exhibitors: 1268
  • Number of viewers: 76622

Join us to participate in this top event in the field of optical communications and create the future together with experts from around the world. Looking forward to your visit!

If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to contact us. Thanks!

GracyFiber Team

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