OM1 LC to LC UPC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord

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Product Description

OM1 LC to LC UPC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord is an optical fiber connection cable that uses LC connectors. The connector end face adopts UPC (Ultra Physical Contact) technology and has a twisted pair structure.

OM1 is a multimode optical fiber specification that supports the transmission of optical signals over shorter distances and is typically used in short-distance communication applications such as local area networks (LANs) and data centers. OM1 fiber has a core diameter of 62.5 microns and a typical transmission distance of 2 kilometers.

The LC connector is a miniaturized optical fiber connector that uses 1.25mm ceramic pins and ceramic sleeves, which has high density and reliability. LC connectors are suitable for high-density fiber optic connection environments such as data centers and network equipment.

UPC (Ultra Physical Contact) is a processing technology for the end face of optical fiber connectors. Through precise circular polishing, it achieves a high degree of physical contact between optical fibers, reduces the reflection and loss of optical signals, and provides lower insertion loss and echo. loss.

Duplex means that this is a twisted-pair fiber optic connection cable used to transmit and receive optical signals simultaneously.

Product Application

In office and corporate network environments, the OM1 LC to LC UPC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord is used to connect network devices such as switches, routers, and servers. They provide reliable data transmission, ensuring high speed and stability of the network.

In large data centers and cloud computing environments, the OM1 LC to LC UPC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord is used to connect servers, storage and network devices. These cables support high-density fiber optic connections, providing high-speed, low-latency data transmission to meet data center performance needs.

In the broadcast, video production and media industries, the OM1 LC to LC UPC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord is used to connect fiber optic video equipment, broadcast equipment, cameras and more. These cables provide high-quality video and audio transmission, ensuring the reliability of high-definition video and live broadcasts.

OM1 LC to LC UPC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord is widely used in fiber optic sensor and measurement applications. They are used to connect fiber optic sensors and measuring equipment, ensuring accurate measurement results and reliable data transmission. These applications include areas such as environmental monitoring, optical measurement and medical diagnostics.

In the world of fiber optic testing and evaluation, the OM1 LC to LC UPC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord is used to connect optical measurement equipment and test instruments. These cables provide high-precision connections, ensuring accurate test results and reliable performance evaluation.

Product Features

1. Multimode optical fiber: suitable for short-distance communication and providing high-bandwidth transmission.

2. Small LC connector: suitable for high-density fiber optic connections, easy to install and maintain.

3.UPC process: ensuring low insertion loss and high-quality optical signal transmission.

4. Twisted pair structure: supports two-way communication and meets two-way data transmission requirements.

5. High-speed transmission: Adapt to the requirements of networks and data centers for high-speed data transmission.

6. Reliability and durability: Finely manufactured with good durability and reliability.

7. Easy installation: plug-in design, convenient and quick installation and connection.

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