OM4 LC to SC UPC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord

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Product Description

OM4 LC to SC UPC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord adopts LC to SC UPC connector, and the connector end face is precision polished to ensure low insertion loss and return loss. Such high-quality connectors ensure high-quality optical signal transmission and stable connection performance. The twisted pair structure design reduces signal interference and crosstalk, providing more stable and reliable signal transmission. Whether it is high-speed data transmission, network expansion, video transmission or audio transmission, this product can provide stable and high-speed optical fiber connection.

OM4 LC to SC UPC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord is a high-performance fiber optic cable specifically designed to meet high-speed data transmission and network connectivity needs. Using OM4-grade multimode fiber, the patch cord is capable of supporting data transfer rates up to 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps, providing superior performance and reliable connections.

OM4 LC to SC UPC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord has excellent anti-interference capability and signal integrity, and is suitable for application scenarios with high data integrity requirements. It can perform well in complex electromagnetic environments and ensure high-quality data transmission. At the same time, this jumper has excellent durability and reliability. After strict quality control and testing, it can withstand frequent plugging, unplugging and bending, and maintain excellent connection performance under long-term use and harsh environmental conditions.

Product Application

The data center is a place that requires a large amount of high-speed data exchange and storage. OM4 LC to SC UPC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord can be used to connect servers, switches, storage devices and other network devices to achieve high-speed network connections such as 40G/100G to meet the needs of data centers. Requirements for bandwidth, latency, scalability, etc.

Cloud computing is an Internet-based computing service model that requires a large number of distributed computing resources and network resources to support various applications and services. OM4 LC to SC UPC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord can be used to connect different nodes and devices on the cloud computing platform to achieve high-speed, stable and secure data transmission and communication.

A high-speed network refers to a network with a transmission rate of more than 10Gbps, which can support a variety of high-bandwidth, low-latency, and high-reliability applications and services. OM4 LC to SC UPC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord can be used to build the backbone network, aggregation network, access network and other parts of high-speed networks to achieve rapid deployment and optimization of high-speed networks.

Optical fiber communication is a communication method that uses optical fiber as a transmission medium. It has the advantages of high transmission rate, strong anti-interference, and high security. OM4 LC to SC UPC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord can be used to connect different devices and nodes in the optical fiber communication system to achieve long-distance, high-speed, high-quality optical fiber communication.

Product Features

OM4 optical fiber is a high-bandwidth multi-mode optical fiber that can support high-speed transmission protocols such as 40G/100G Ethernet and 8G/16G/32G Fiber Channel, and is suitable for high-density and high-performance data center networks.

The effective mode bandwidth (EMB) of OM4 fiber is 4700 MHz·km, which is 135% higher than the 2000 MHz·km of OM3 fiber. This means that OM4 fiber can transmit longer distances at the same wavelength, or at the same distance. transmission at a higher rate.

The dispersion coefficient of OM4 fiber is 3.0 ps/(nm·km), which is 33% lower than the 4.5 ps/(nm·km) of OM3 fiber, which means that OM4 fiber can maintain signal integrity over a wider wavelength range. Reduce signal distortion and attenuation.

LC and SC are two common types of fiber optic connectors. They both adopt push-pull designs for easy plugging, unplugging and fixing. The LC connector is a miniaturized connector that takes up little space and is suitable for high-density wiring. SC connector is a standardized connector with good stability and suitable for long-distance transmission.

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