PLC fiber optic splitter 2×64

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Product Description

PLC fiber optic splitter 2×64 is a high-performance fiber optic splitter that can meet your needs in the field of fiber optic communication and data transmission. This product uses PLC (Planar Lightwave Circuit) technology and has excellent performance and reliability, providing you with a stable and efficient fiber splitting solution.

This product is produced by our company. We have advanced production equipment and a professional R&D team, committed to providing you with high-quality optical fiber communication equipment. The products have passed strict quality testing and certification and comply with international standards, making them your trustworthy choice.

Product Application

PLC fiber optic splitter 2×64 is widely used in various optical fiber communication and data transmission fields. It is suitable for fiber optic communication networks, fiber optic sensing systems, fiber optic CATV systems, fiber optic LAN and other scenarios.

In optical fiber communication networks, PLC fiber optic splitter 2×64 can be used in optical fiber interconnection, optical fiber distribution and optical fiber access to achieve signal distribution and transmission. In the optical fiber sensing system, it can realize the analysis and processing of optical fiber sensing signals and improve the sensitivity and reliability of the system.

In fiber optic CATV systems, it can realize signal distribution and transmission, providing high-definition video and audio experience. In optical fiber LAN, it can realize the distribution and access of optical fiber signals and provide high-speed and stable network connection.

Whether in the field of communications or data transmission, PLC fiber optic splitter 2×64 can play an important role and provide you with stable and efficient fiber splitting solutions.

Product Features

1 High performance: PLC fiber optic splitter 2×64 adopts advanced PLC technology and has the advantages of low insertion loss, high isolation and low wavelength dependence, which can ensure signal transmission quality and stability.

2 Large capacity: This product supports 2 input ports and 64 output ports, which can meet the needs of large-scale optical fiber communication systems and provide more connection options and flexibility.

3 Reliability: PLC fiber optic splitter 2×64 uses high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes. It has good shock resistance, moisture resistance, and corrosion resistance, and can operate stably in harsh environments.

4. Easy installation: This product adopts a modular design, making installation and maintenance simple and fast, saving you time and costs.

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