rack mount ethernet patch panel

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Product Description

A rack mount Ethernet patch panel is a device used to organize and manage Ethernet connections. It is typically installed in a standard 19-inch rack. This patch panel provides a centralized interface for connecting and managing Ethernet cables, making network cabling neater and more manageable.

Applicable to various network environments, including enterprises, schools, hospitals, institutions, etc. Whether in a data center, computer room, office or home network, rack mount ethernet patch panel can provide stable and efficient network transmission services.

Product Application

Data centers typically have large numbers of servers and network equipment that require high-density, high-performance Ethernet connections. The rack mount ethernet patch panel can be used to connect servers, switches, routers and other network devices to provide reliable Ethernet connections and data transmission.

The network infrastructure of corporate offices, campus networks, and other organizations needs to support communication and data exchange between employees. The rack mount ethernet patch panel can be used to connect Ethernet cables on different floors, different departments or different computer rooms, providing a manageable and scalable network cabling solution.

Connections between servers within a computer room or between different computer rooms are also common scenarios for using rack mount ethernet patch panels. These panels can be used to connect servers, storage devices and network devices, providing high-speed, stable Ethernet connections to support server clusters, virtualized environments and cloud computing applications in data centers.

As telecommuting becomes more popular, the demand for telecommuting networks is also increasing. Rack mount ethernet patch panel can be used for remote office network cabling, connecting remote office equipment (such as personal computers, IP phones, etc.) and corporate networks to achieve network access for remote workers.

Schools, universities and research institutions often have networking needs to support teaching, research and laboratories. The rack mount ethernet patch panel can be used to connect Ethernet cables in classrooms, laboratories and research facilities, providing stable network connections and data transmission to support teaching and scientific research activities.

Product Features

– Rack Mount: This patch panel comes in standard 19-inch rack dimensions and can be mounted in one or more height units (U) in a rack. They occupy limited rack space and provide a convenient location to centrally manage Ethernet connections.

-Multi-port connection: This patch panel has multiple Ethernet connection ports, such as RJ45 interfaces. These ports are used to connect Ethernet devices such as computers, switches, routers, and servers.

– Simplified wiring: This patch panel provides a centralized interface to connect a large number of Ethernet cables to one place. This makes the network cabling cleaner and more orderly, making maintenance and management easier. Labels or identification are also provided that can be used to mark the purpose of each port or information about the connected device.

-Flexible and expandable: This wiring panel has a modular design, and the wiring modules can be expanded or replaced as needed. This scalability allows the panel to adapt to network environments of different sizes and needs, making it easy to upgrade and expand.

-Management and Maintenance: This patch panel provides a centralized location to manage and maintain Ethernet connections. They make tracking, troubleshooting, and change management of connections easier.

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