Single port GPON OLT

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Product Description

Single port GPON OLT is an optical fiber transmission equipment based on GPON technology. It has the characteristics of high-speed transmission, large capacity, and low latency. Through optical fiber transmission, you can enjoy faster and more stable network connections to meet the needs of daily life and work. Compared with traditional ADSL and fiber optic broadband, it has higher transmission speed and more stable connection, which can meet your needs for high-speed network.

Single port GPON OLT has authoritative background information. It is a product developed by GracyFiber network equipment provider. We have many years of R&D experience and technology accumulation. Our company has a high reputation in the field of network equipment, providing you with high-quality products and professional technical support. You can buy and use it with confidence and enjoy a high-quality network connection experience.

Product Application

Single port GPON OLT is suitable for various scenarios and application fields. It can be widely used in home networks, providing you with high-speed broadband access, supporting the connection of multiple terminal devices, and meeting the network needs of family members. It is also suitable for enterprise networks, providing enterprises with high-speed and stable network connections, supporting a variety of business applications, and improving enterprise work efficiency. It can also be applied to campus networks, public place networks and other scenarios to provide you with better network services.

In home scenarios, you can use Single port GPON OLT to achieve smooth playback of high-definition videos, low latency for online games, and remote control of smart home devices. In enterprise scenarios, it can support the enterprise’s office applications, video conferencing, cloud computing and other services, improving the enterprise’s work efficiency and competitiveness.

In the campus network, Single port GPON OLT can provide students with high-speed network access and support functions such as online learning and educational resource sharing. In public place networks, we can provide you with free or paid wireless network services to meet your Internet needs.

Product Features

1 High-speed transmission: This product uses GPON technology and has the characteristics of high-speed transmission. It can achieve a downlink transmission rate of up to 2.5Gbps and an uplink transmission rate of up to 1.25Gbps, meeting your needs for high-speed networks.

2. Large capacity: Single port GPON OLT has the characteristics of large capacity and can support a large number of users to access at the same time. It supports access to 32 ONUs, and each ONU can support the connection of multiple terminal devices to meet your needs for multi-device access.

3 Low latency: This product has low latency characteristics and can achieve fast data transmission. It uses advanced optical fiber transmission technology to reduce data transmission delays and improve your network experience.

4. Stable and reliable: Single port GPON OLT is stable and reliable and can achieve stable operation for a long time. It adopts high-quality hardware and software design, has good anti-interference ability and fault self-recovery function, ensuring the stability of your network connection.

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