ST SC Multimode Patch Cord

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Product Description

ST SC Multimode Patch Cord is a multimode fiber optic patch cord used to connect fiber optic connections between multimode fiber optic devices with ST interface and SC interface. It has a fiber optic cable between an ST connector (also called an ST plug) and an SC connector (also called an SC plug).

The ST connector is a common fiber optic connector with a circular shape and a rotational locking mechanism that is suitable for multimode fiber and single-mode fiber applications. The SC connector is a commonly used fiber optic connector with a rectangular shape and simple insertion and extraction mechanism that is widely used in multimode fiber optic applications.

Multimode fiber is a fiber type that can carry multiple modes of light and is typically used for data transmission over shorter distances. It is suitable for local area networks (LAN), data centers and other scenarios that require high bandwidth and short distance transmission.

ST SC Multimode Patch Cord realizes optical fiber connection between different interfaces by connecting two different types of connectors, ST and SC. This kind of jumper is usually used to connect data transmission between ST interface equipment (such as switches, routers or fiber optic converters) and SC interface equipment (such as fiber optic transceivers, fiber optic modules or fiber optic panels).

Product Application

1. Communication network: ST SC Multimode Patch Cord can be used in the construction and maintenance of local area networks (LAN), metropolitan area networks (MAN), wide area networks (WAN) and other communication networks to improve network performance and stability.

2. Data center: ST SC Multimode Patch Cord can be used for internal connections in data centers to achieve high-speed data transmission between servers, switches, routers and other equipment to meet the needs of big data processing.

3. Industrial control: ST SC Multimode Patch Cord can be used for signal transmission in industrial control systems, supporting various industrial protocols and standards to ensure control accuracy and safety.

4. Medical equipment: ST SC Multimode Patch Cord can be used to connect medical equipment, such as X-ray machines, CT machines, MRI machines, etc., to transmit high-definition images and videos to improve diagnostic efficiency and quality.

5. Other fields: ST SC Multimode Patch Cord can also be used in other fields such as education, scientific research, military, entertainment, etc. to expand the scope and scenarios of optical fiber applications.

Product Features

1. Supports optical signals of multiple wavelengths, suitable for two working wavelengths of 850nm and 1300nm.

2. The use of low-loss, high-return-loss ceramic pins ensures the stability and quality of optical signals.

3. Use high-quality multi-mode optical fiber with good mechanical properties and environmental adaptability.

4. Use flame-retardant, wear-resistant, soft PVC or LSZH jacket, in line with international standards.

5. It has good plugging and unplugging performance and interchangeability, and is compatible with other types of fiber optic patch cords.

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