1u fiber patch panel

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Product Description

The 1u fiber patch panel is a device used to organize and manage fiber optic connections. It is installed in a rack and provides a centralized interface to connect fiber patch cords, fiber optic cables and other fiber optic equipment. This product provides larger accommodation space and higher density, and is suitable for scenarios where a large number of fiber optic connections need to be processed.

1u fiber patch panel, 1U means that it occupies the height of 1 rack unit in the rack. Fiber optic patch panels are typically mounted in racks and provide a centralized interface for connecting fiber optic patch cords, fiber optic cables, and other fiber optic equipment.

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Product Application

Data center: In large-scale data centers, 1u fiber patch panels can meet high-density optical fiber connection requirements and achieve rapid data transmission and efficient management. Whether it is a connection between servers or a connection between data storage devices, this product can provide a reliable solution.

Communication base station: In mobile communication base stations, 1u fiber patch panel undertakes the important task of connecting optical fiber transmission equipment and antennas. Its high performance and reliability can ensure the stable transmission of communication signals and provide high-quality communication services.

Enterprise network: In the enterprise network, 1u fiber patch panel is a key device connecting various departments and offices. With this product, you can easily expand and manage your network, improving office efficiency and data security.

Educational institutions: In the network construction of schools and universities, 1u fiber patch panel is an important part of building an advanced educational information environment. It can connect educational equipment and teaching resources to provide teachers and students with high-speed and stable network services.

Product Features

1. High speed and stability: This product uses advanced optical fiber connection technology to ensure fast and stable transmission speed. Whether it is big data transmission, high-definition video streaming or cloud computing applications, it can be easily handled and provide a seamless connection experience.

2. High-density design: This product has a high-density design that can accommodate a large number of fiber optic connections. This means you can achieve more fiber connections in a limited space, improving network scalability and flexibility.

3. Reliability guarantee: This product uses high-quality materials and precise manufacturing processes to ensure long-term durability and stable performance of the product. Equipped with a reliable protection mechanism, it can effectively prevent the breakage and damage of optical fiber connections and ensure the stable operation of the network.

4. Easy installation and maintenance: This product adopts a modular design, which makes it easy for you to assemble and disassemble, saving time and energy. Its adjustable connection interface can adapt to different specifications of optical fiber connections, providing greater flexibility and convenience.

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