2u 48 port patch panel

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Product Description

The 2u 48 port patch panel is a device used to organize and manage fiber optic or copper cable connections. It has 48 ports and is designed as a 2U height rack device. The panel can simplify the cabling process and provide reliable connections, thereby Supports high-speed data transfer and communication requirements.

Product Application

In a data center, a large number of optical fiber or copper cables need to connect servers, network equipment, storage devices, etc. The 2u 48 port patch panel provides high-density connection points to facilitate the organization and management of these connections, ensuring high-speed and reliable data transmission and communication in the data center.

2u 48 port patch panel is also widely used in enterprise network environments. They are used to connect computers, phone systems, network equipment, and other devices in the office. These panels provide efficient cabling solutions that help organizations achieve good network connectivity and communications.

In the telecommunications industry, 2u 48 port patch panel is used to connect telecommunications equipment, transmission equipment and network equipment. They provide high-density connection points in telecommunications infrastructure, support high-speed data and communication transmission, and meet growing communication needs.

Product Features

Number of ports: 48 ports are provided on this panel for connecting fiber optic patch cords or copper cables. Each port is usually individually numbered or identified to facilitate identification and management of the connection.

Rack height: 2U height means the panel occupies 2 units (U) of space in the rack. This means it fits into a standard 19-inch rack and shares rack space with other equipment.

Front and rear panel design: This panel usually has a front and rear panel design, the front panel is used to connect fiber optic jumpers or copper cables, and the rear panel is used to connect the backbone of fiber optic or copper cables.

Core protection and management: If it is a fiber patch panel, it will usually provide core protection and management functions to ensure the reliability and maintainability of the fiber connection. This may include core protective sleeves, core management devices, etc.

Copper or fiber optic support: The 2U 48-port patch panel can be used to connect copper cables (such as RJ45 sockets) or fiber optics (such as LC or SC sockets), depending on the panel type selected.

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