20x10G to 1x200G multiplexing transponder

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Product Description

One of the features of this 20x10G to 1x200G multiplexing transponder is high bandwidth upgrade. By merging 20 10Gbps signals into one 200Gbps signal, it achieves a quantum leap in bandwidth. You’ll be able to transfer large amounts of data at blazing speeds, speeding up business response times and improving productivity.

Not only that, this converter also has the ability to flexibly adapt to various network environments. It can easily cope with various network architectures and devices, providing you with smooth network upgrades and expansions. No matter the size and topology of your network, it can be deployed and integrated quickly, saving valuable time and resources.

This 20x10G to 1x200G multiplexing transponder provides a stable and reliable connection, ensuring the security and integrity of data transmission. Whether it is processing large-scale data, conducting video conferencing, or conducting critical operations such as cloud computing and virtualization, it can meet your needs for high-performance data transmission.

The picture above is the function and structure diagram of 20x10G to 1x200G multiplexing transponder

Product Application

1. Data Center: In modern data center environments, data transmission speed and bandwidth requirements are extremely high. This converter can combine 20 10Gbps signals into one 200Gbps signal, providing excellent bandwidth upgrades for data centers. It can meet the needs of critical applications such as large-scale data transmission, cloud computing, virtualization and storage.

2. Enterprise Networks: In enterprise networks, high-speed data transmission is critical to support daily business activities. This 20x10G to 1x200G multiplexing transponder helps enterprises achieve fast and reliable data exchange and communication. It is suitable for complex enterprise network architectures and can easily adapt to the connection needs between different departments, branches and office locations.

3. Telecom operators: For telecom operators, providing high-speed and stable network connections is the key to maintaining competitiveness. This converter can meet the needs of telecom operators for high bandwidth and large capacity transmission. It is widely used in optical transmission networks, optical communication systems, data center interconnection and other scenarios to provide users with an excellent network experience.

4. Scientific research and big data analysis: In the field of scientific research and big data analysis, huge data sets and high-speed data transmission need to be processed. This 20x10G to 1x200G multiplexing transponder can efficiently handle large-scale data and provide high-bandwidth data transmission capabilities. It provides strong support for professional users in fields such as scientific research, data mining, and artificial intelligence.

Product Features

1. Multiplexing conversion: Through multiplexing technology, the 20x10G to 1x100G multiplexing transponder can merge multiple low-bandwidth signals into high-bandwidth signals to achieve effective utilization and improvement of bandwidth. This conversion method makes network connections more efficient and flexible.

2. Wide adaptability: Whether in data centers, enterprise networks or telecom operators, this converter can flexibly adapt to different network environments. It can seamlessly integrate with complex network architectures and devices to provide users with stable and reliable connections.

3. Simplified deployment and configuration: This 20x10G to 1x100G multiplexing transponder focuses on user-friendliness, making deployment and configuration easier and more efficient through an intuitive operating interface and simplified configuration process. Users can quickly obtain optimal network performance, saving time and resources.

4. Data security: In order to protect the security and integrity of data, this converter uses advanced security features. It provides advanced encryption and authentication features to ensure data security during transmission and prevent cyber attacks and data leaks.

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