8x100G to 2x400G multiplexing transponder

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Product Description

Let me introduce you to an innovative product: 8x100G to 2x400G multiplexing transponder. This converter will give you unprecedented high-speed bandwidth and superior performance to help you stand out in the fiercely competitive digital world.

With the advent of the digital age, the amount of data continues to grow, and the demand for network transmission speed and capacity is becoming increasingly urgent. And now, our converters will open new doors for you in data transfer. By combining eight 100Gbps signals into two 400Gbps signals, we achieve higher bandwidth transmission, allowing your data to flow quickly across the network.

This 8x100G to 2x400G multiplexing transponder not only provides excellent performance, but also has outstanding reliability and flexibility. Whether it is an enterprise network, data center or telecom operator, it can be seamlessly integrated to provide high-speed and stable connections for your critical business. At the same time, our converters support a variety of optical fiber transmission media to adapt to different distances and application requirements, ensuring seamless connection of your data transmission.

No longer be troubled by network bottlenecks, let your business quickly move into the fast lane! Choose our multiplexer converters today and experience a leap in transmission speed. Unleash your networking potential and achieve greater success! Start now and enjoy fast and stable access to your data!

The picture above is the function and structure diagram of 8x100G to 2x400G multiplexing transponder

Product Application

1. Data Center: Data center is a key hub for processing and storing large amounts of data. As data volumes continue to grow, data centers require higher bandwidth and faster data transfer speeds. 8x100G to 2x400G multiplexing transponder can meet this demand and can be used in scenarios such as high-speed server interconnection within data centers, storage area network (SAN) connections, and large-scale data backup and recovery.

2. Enterprise Network: In modern enterprises, efficient network connectivity is critical to business success. This converter can be applied to the backbone connection of enterprise networks to support critical services such as large-scale data transmission, video conferencing, cloud computing and virtualization. It provides high-performance and reliable network connectivity to ensure smooth daily operations and business communications.

3. Telecommunications operators: As an important part of the telecommunications industry, telecommunications operators need to process large amounts of data and provide high-quality network services. 8x100G to 2x400G multiplexing transponder can be applied to the backbone networks of telecom operators, supporting high-speed and stable data transmission to meet users’ needs for fast Internet connections and high-definition streaming media.

4. WAN connection: This converter can also play an important role in scenarios that require remote data transmission and connection. It can be used to build wide area network connections to support cross-regional data transmission and remote working. Whether it is a distributed office environment or a remote data center, this converter can provide high-speed, reliable connections to ensure data security and stability.

Product Features

1. High-bandwidth transmission: 8x100G to 2x400G multiplexing transponder provides excellent high-speed data transmission capabilities. By combining eight 100Gbps signals into two 400Gbps signals, higher bandwidth transmission is achieved to meet large-scale data transmission needs.

2. Flexible optical fiber support: The converter is suitable for a variety of optical fiber transmission media, including single-mode optical fiber and multi-mode optical fiber. Whether it is short-distance data center connection or long-distance WAN transmission, it can provide flexible optical fiber support to meet different distance and application requirements.

3. High reliability and stability: The converter uses advanced signal processing technology and anti-interference design to ensure high quality and reliability of data transmission. It can resist signal attenuation, interference and noise, ensure stable network connection, and is suitable for critical business and large-scale data transmission.

4. Flexible conversion function: This 8x100G to 2x400G multiplexing transponder supports converting eight 100G signals into two 400G signals, providing flexible conversion functions. It can meet the connection needs between different network architectures and devices, achieving smooth data transmission and seamless integration.

5. High compatibility: The converter is compatible with existing network equipment and standards and can be seamlessly integrated with various network equipment and protocols. No matter what brand or model of equipment you’re using, it works well with it, allowing for smooth network upgrades and deployments.

6. Scalability: The 8x100G to 2x400G multiplexing transponder has good scalability and can support future network expansion and upgrades. No matter how your network needs change, it can adapt to evolving technology requirements to provide you with a long-term reliable solution.

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