4-port 100M EPON ONU

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Product Description

4-port 100M EPON ONU is a high-performance optical fiber network terminal equipment with excellent performance and stable connection. Whether you are at home or in business, you can achieve high-speed and stable network connection through this product. It allows you to surf the Internet at faster speeds at home or in the office. You can think of it as a small box with four sockets. You can connect computers, mobile phones, printers and other devices to this box.

It uses a technology called EPON to transmit data through optical fiber, making your network connection more stable and reliable. The speed of each socket is 100 MB, which is enough to meet your regular Internet needs, such as watching videos, surfing the Internet, etc. So, if you want a fast and stable network connection and have multiple devices to connect to, 4-port 100M EPON ONU is a good choice.

Product Application

-Residential community network: 4-port 100M EPON ONU is suitable for network access in residential communities. It can convert fiber optic signals into Ethernet signals to provide residents with stable network connections. The speed of each port is 100M, which is enough to meet the regular Internet needs of residential users, such as web browsing, video streaming, etc.

-Small Business Network: For small businesses, this product is an affordable and efficient network access solution. It can connect multiple computers, servers, printers and other devices and provide high-speed network connections. In addition, EPON technology ensures network stability and reliability.

-Hotel/Guesthouse Network: In a hotel or guesthouse, network connectivity is crucial for guest satisfaction. 4-port 100M EPON ONU can be used to provide network access to guest rooms and supports simultaneous connections of multiple devices. It can also meet guests’ needs for high-speed Internet, such as online videos, games, etc.

-Educational Institution Network: Schools, universities and training institutions often need to provide stable network connections for students and staff. This product can be used to build campus networks and connect classrooms, laboratories, offices and other areas. It meets the needs of students and faculty for online resources to support online learning, research and collaboration.

-Network in public places: 4-port 100M EPON ONU can also be used in public places, such as libraries, cafes, shopping malls, etc., to provide public wireless and wired network access. It can meet the needs of a large number of users to access the Internet at the same time and provide users with fast and reliable network connections.

Product Features

(1) High speed and stability: 4-port 100M EPON ONU adopts advanced EPON technology, which can provide bandwidth up to 100M, ensuring that you can enjoy a fast network connection. It also has stable connection performance without frequent disconnections or network delays.

(2) Multi-port connection: This product has 4 ports and supports simultaneous connection of multiple devices. Whether you are at home or in a business, you can use this product to connect multiple devices to the network to meet various needs.

(3) Easy to install and use: The installation of 4-port 100M EPON ONU is very simple, you only need to follow the instructions. It also has a simple interface and user-friendly experience, which you can easily master and use.

(4) High quality assurance: This product is developed and produced by a well-known brand and has reliable quality assurance. It undergoes strict testing and quality control to ensure you get high-quality products and excellent service.

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