5G Fronthaul Passive WDM System

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Product Description

If you are looking for an excellent 5G network upgrade solution, the 5G Fronthaul Passive WDM System will bring you surprising performance improvements and excellent reliability. Our system is specially designed to meet the requirements of 5G fronthaul, using passive WDM technology to achieve efficient data transmission and scalability.

In the 5G era, fast and reliable data transmission is key. Our products use passive WDM technology to achieve simultaneous transmission of multiple signals through optical fiber transmission, greatly increasing the data transmission rate and capacity. This means faster download speeds, lower latency, and more stable connections for a superior experience for your users.

We know that in the highly competitive communications industry, network performance is the key to success. As a result, our systems provide highly reliable data transmission, ensuring your network remains stable and reliable at all times.

Whether in urban environments or rural areas, our systems are able to rise to the challenge and deliver superior network performance regardless of diverse network loads.

Improve your network performance and satisfy users’ desire for high-speed, reliable connections. Contact us today and let us help you achieve superior performance and user satisfaction for your 5G network!

Product Application

1. Mobile communication operators: Mobile communication operators are the main promoters of 5G networks, and the 5G Fronthaul Passive WDM System can be applied to the fronthaul network of mobile communication base stations to achieve high-speed and reliable data transmission. By using passive WDM technology, the system can transmit multiple signals simultaneously, improving network capacity and performance to meet growing user needs.

2. Urban intelligence: With the development of smart cities, various smart devices and sensors require fast and reliable connections to realize smart transportation, smart security, smart energy and other applications. The 5G fronthaul passive WDM system can be used for data transmission in urban intelligent projects, ensuring high-speed communication and collaborative work between various intelligent devices, and providing urban residents with a safer, more convenient and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

3. Industrial automation: The industrial field has very high requirements for high-speed, low-latency communication, especially in automated production lines and robot control. 5G Fronthaul Passive WDM System can be applied to the fronthaul part of industrial networks to achieve fast data transmission and real-time monitoring between industrial automation equipment. It can improve production efficiency, reduce failure rates, and support the implementation of smart manufacturing.

4. Healthcare: The healthcare industry is critical for high-speed, secure data transmission, especially in areas such as telemedicine, medical image transmission, and real-time monitoring. The 5G fronthaul passive WDM system can be used in the data transmission network of medical institutions to ensure the rapid transmission and confidentiality of medical data. It can support remote medical diagnosis, medical image transmission and real-time monitoring, improving the quality and efficiency of medical services.

5. Internet of Things applications: The Internet of Things connects various devices and sensors and requires an efficient data transmission network to support massive device connections and data exchange. 5G Fronthaul Passive WDM System can be applied to the fronthaul part of the IoT network to achieve high-speed and stable communication between devices. It provides powerful data transmission capabilities for IoT applications and promotes the development and application of IoT technology.

Product Features

Supports CPRI 1~10 and eCPRI (10G/25G), is compatible with STM-1/4/16/64, GE/10GE/25GE and other multi-service unified transport, transparent transmission, and maximizes the value of the front-end transmission network.

5G Fronthaul Passive WDM System expands the physical channel of pure transparent transmission without changing the network structure, without delay and jitter.

5G Fronthaul Passive WDM System modular configuration, 1:6/12/18 optional, can achieve multi-directional and multi-level aggregation and save fiber on a large scale.

Various color optical modules are available, supporting CWDM 18 waves and MWDM 12 waves to meet the requirements of various line power budgets.

The 5G Fronthaul Passive WDM System has a purely passive working environment, with few fault points, plug and play, no configuration required, and simple maintenance.

The passive wavelength division multiplexer has a compact structure and light weight, and supports various installation methods such as rack-mounted, wall-mounted, and pole-mounted.

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