5G Fronthaul Semi-Active WDM System

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Product Description

In this rapidly developing digital era, 5G technology is leading the transformation of the communications industry. Our semi-active WDM system is a key tool to accelerate 5G fronthaul. It achieves fast and stable data transmission in an efficient and reliable manner, taking your connection speed to a whole new level.

Whether you are a mobile communication operator, industrial automation field, healthcare, Internet of Things and other industries, our 5G Fronthaul Semi-Active WDM System will provide you with excellent solutions. It not only meets the growing data demands, but also provides highly reliable network performance to provide stable support for your business.

Our systems not only offer superior performance but also excellent compatibility. It can be seamlessly integrated with existing 5G network architecture and equipment, simplifying your deployment and management process. And, our team will work closely with you to tailor the best solution for you, ensuring you can realize the full potential of your system.

In this highly competitive market, we are committed to providing you with excellent products and quality services. Let us join hands to meet the challenges of the 5G era.

Product Application

1. Mobile communication operators: As the core technology of the 5G era, semi-active WDM systems can help operators optimize network performance, increase data transmission rates, and achieve fast and stable 5G fronthaul. Whether it is high-density urban areas or remote areas, it can provide operators with stable and efficient communication infrastructure.

2. Urban intelligence: In the construction of smart cities, a large amount of data needs to be transmitted and processed. 5G Fronthaul Semi-Active WDM System can meet the high-speed and large-capacity data transmission requirements of urban intelligent applications, such as intelligent transportation, intelligent security, intelligent energy management and other fields, providing strong support for the smart development of cities.

3. Industrial Automation: The industrial sector is crucial for reliable and efficient data transmission. The semi-active WDM system can meet the real-time communication needs of industrial automation and support application scenarios such as intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet of Things. It can provide stable data connections, realize high-speed data exchange between devices, and improve production efficiency and quality control.

4. Healthcare: The medical field has extremely high requirements for fast and accurate data transmission. 5G Fronthaul Semi-Active WDM System can be used in the healthcare field to support medical data transmission, telemedicine and remote diagnosis within hospitals. It ensures the security and reliability of medical data and provides efficient medical services.

5. Internet of Things: With the popularity of IoT devices, large-scale data transmission and connection management are required. The semi-active WDM system can support fast and stable communication between IoT devices, providing a strong data transmission foundation for smart homes, smart logistics, smart agriculture and other fields.

Product Features

Supports CPRI 1~10 and eCPRI (10G/25G), and is compatible with STM-1/4/16/64, GE/10GE/25GE and other multi-service unified bearing and transparent transmission, maximizing the value of the front-end transmission network.

Modular configuration, 1:6/12/18 optional, can achieve multi-directional and multi-level aggregation and save fiber on a large scale.

Various color optical modules are available, supporting CWDM 18 waves and MWDM 12 waves to meet the requirements of various line power budgets.

5G Fronthaul Semi-Active WDM System supports 1:1 protection of the optical layer, and the protection switching time is less than 50ms, improving network reliability.

Supports graphical interface network management, reconstructs wireless and transmission management domains, and realizes comprehensive monitoring of optical modules and line status.

The central office active WDM equipment supports AC 220V and DC-48V power supply options as well as 1+1 power input protection. Equipment power outage will not affect service transmission.

5G Fronthaul Semi-Active WDM System remote passive WDM has outdoor deployment capabilities and flexible deployment locations.

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