980 1550nm IWDM hybrid device

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Product Description

Welcome to the GracyFiber official website. Today I would like to recommend to you a new product we have recently developed – 980 1550nm IWDM hybrid device. This is an outstanding product that combines innovative technology and practical performance and will bring unprecedented benefits to your business. Change and improvement!

As a leader in the IWDM field, our 980 1550nm IWDM hybrid device has become a high-profile star product in the market with its excellent performance and stability. It perfectly integrates the advantages of two wavelengths, 980nm and 1550nm, to achieve high-speed and efficient data transmission, allowing your business information to flow smoothly.

Not only that, this hybrid device also has excellent low power consumption and long-distance communication capabilities. Whether in complex industrial environments or vast outdoor places, it can maintain stable connections and excellent performance. This means that you can enjoy an efficient and convenient data transmission experience anytime and anywhere, injecting strong impetus into your business development.

Choosing 980 1550nm IWDM hybrid device means choosing a powerful and reliable partner. Let us work together to create a better future and let your business stand out in the fierce market competition!

Product Application

1. Optical fiber communication:

In the field of optical fiber communications, the 980 1550nm IWDM hybrid device realizes the parallel transmission of multiple signals in optical fibers with its excellent wavelength multiplexing capabilities. This not only improves fiber bandwidth utilization, but also significantly improves data transmission rates and efficiency. Therefore, it is widely used in scenarios such as long-distance communications, backbone network construction, and data center interconnection.

2. Industrial automation:

In the field of industrial automation, this hybrid device can collect and monitor data from various equipment and sensors on the production line. Its stable communication performance and strong anti-interference ability ensure the accuracy and real-time nature of data, thereby helping enterprises achieve refined management and improve production efficiency.

3. Medical health:

In the medical and health field, the application of 980 1550nm IWDM hybrid device is becoming increasingly widespread. It can be used for wireless connection and data transmission of medical equipment, such as remote monitoring, real-time image transmission, etc. Its high-speed and stable performance provides strong technical support for medical diagnosis and treatment, improving the quality and efficiency of medical services.

4. Aerospace:

In the aerospace field, this device’s lightweight and high reliability make it an ideal communications solution. It can be used in scenarios such as satellite communications and drone data transmission to achieve high-speed and stable data transmission, providing strong protection for the aerospace industry.

Product Features

1. Dual wavelength integration:

This device integrates the functions of two wavelengths, 980nm and 1550nm, and can support communication needs in different wavelength ranges at the same time. This dual-wavelength integrated design enables the equipment to flexibly respond to various application scenarios in complex optical fiber communication systems and improve the overall performance of the communication system.

2. High-speed data transmission:

980 1550nm IWDM hybrid device has high-speed data transmission capabilities and can meet the communication needs of large data volume and high real-time requirements. Whether in scenarios such as large-scale data transmission or real-time video transmission, it can provide stable and efficient data transmission services.

3. Low power consumption design:

The device uses advanced low-power technology to effectively reduce energy consumption during operation. This not only helps extend the service life of the equipment, but also reduces operating costs, making it more suitable for long-term stable operation.

4. High stability and reliability:

980 1550nm IWDM hybrid device has undergone strict quality control and testing and has high stability and reliability. It can operate normally in harsh working environments, resist various external interferences, and ensure the continuity and stability of communication.

5. Flexible configuration and management:

The device supports flexible configuration and management functions, and users can set parameters and adjust functions according to actual needs. At the same time, it also provides rich interface and protocol support to facilitate user integration and customized development.

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