IWDM devices

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Product Description

IWDM devices are undoubtedly a shining pearl in the field of Internet of Things! With its excellent performance and excellent stability, it has become a star product sought after by many companies. This device not only supports high-speed data transmission to ensure that your data stays ahead of the ever-changing market, but also features low power consumption and long-distance communication, allowing your business to flow smoothly no matter where you are.

With its high efficiency, convenience and security, IWDM devices provide unprecedented data transmission solutions for various industries. Whether you are engaged in smart manufacturing, smart agriculture or smart cities, IWDM equipment can provide strong support for your business development.

Not only that, IWDM devices are also easy to use, allowing you to get started easily without complicated operations. Choosing IWDM devices means choosing a stable, reliable, and efficient partner, allowing your business to stand out in the fierce market competition!

Product Application

For IP:

Powerful IP access capabilities: As a unified transmission platform for multiple services, IWDM devices can provide a variety of IP interfaces for switches, routers, BRAS and other data equipment to meet the growing demand for IP services in modern communication networks.

Flexible bandwidth management: IWDM provides transparent aggregation encapsulation and rigid transmission channels for services to ensure transmission quality. At the same time, it also provides L2 layer bandwidth statistical multiplexing and encapsulation, providing elastic transmission channels for services, thereby effectively improving the utilization of wavelength resources.


Complete OAM (Operation, Management and Maintenance) functions: IWDM devices fully support G.709’s OTN (Optical Transport Network) interface, which can transparently transmit business signals while achieving refined management. This includes management across multi-domain networks and interconnection of equipment from multiple manufacturers, thus greatly simplifying the complexity of network management and maintenance.

Intelligent control and business scheduling: IWDM has intelligent control plane and large-capacity optical and electrical layer business scheduling capabilities. It can respond to network changes and business needs in real time, and achieve fast and efficient resource configuration and business adjustment.

High integration:

Efficient hardware integration: IWDM devices achieve integration of product form and design and low power consumption through advanced hardware design and integration technology, effectively reducing the user’s total cost of ownership (TCO).

Unified service bearing: Compared with traditional wavelength division equipment, the IWDM system has better compatibility with traditional TDM services and emerging IP services. It can realize unified bearing of new and old services, simplify the network architecture, and reduce the complexity of operation and maintenance.

Carrier-grade reliability:

Fault detection and recovery mechanism: IWDM devices support intelligent fault detection and recovery mechanism, which can quickly locate and handle network faults and ensure business continuity.

Protection mechanism: IWDM provides complete and reliable carrier-level protection to ensure stable operation of services under extreme circumstances and meet operators’ needs for high-availability networks.

Product Features

Intelligent manufacturing: In the field of industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing, IWDM equipment can realize wireless communication and data transmission between devices, support real-time monitoring and control on the production line, and improve production efficiency and quality.

Smart agriculture: IWDM devices can be used to monitor farmland environment, including the collection and transmission of data such as soil moisture, temperature, and crop growth conditions, providing data support for precision agricultural management and improving crop yield and quality.

Smart city: In the construction of smart cities, IWDM equipment can be used in traffic management, environmental monitoring, public security and other aspects to achieve intelligent and refined urban management.

Energy management: IWDM devices can be used in new energy fields such as smart grids, wind power, and solar energy to realize remote monitoring and data collection of energy equipment and optimize energy utilization and management.

Logistics management: In the logistics industry, IWDM equipment can be used to track and locate goods, provide real-time logistics information, improve logistics efficiency and reduce costs.

Medical health: IWDM devices can be used for wireless connection and data transmission of medical equipment, support remote medicine and health management, and provide patients with more convenient and efficient medical services.

With its characteristics of high speed, low power consumption and long-distance communication, IWDM equipment has broad application prospects in many fields and can greatly promote the digital transformation and intelligent upgrade of various industries.

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