data center core switch

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Product Description

Data Center Core Switch is a high-end data center switch. It is the core equipment of the data center network and one of the infrastructures of the enterprise network. This product adopts the most advanced technology and has the advantages of high reliability, high performance, and high scalability, and can meet the needs of enterprise networks for high speed, high bandwidth, and high reliability. As an authoritative data center switch, it has been widely used in various industries such as finance, telecommunications, and medical care, and has received unanimous praise from you.

Product Application

Data Center Core Switch is mainly used in high-end network environments such as large enterprises, data centers, and cloud computing. In the financial industry, this product is widely used in high-speed, high-reliability trading scenarios such as securities trading, bank clearing, and futures trading; in the telecommunications industry, this product is used to build high-speed, high-bandwidth core networks to support large-scale Large-scale data transmission; in the fields of medical, medical and other fields, this product is used to build a high-reliability, high-security network environment to ensure the safe transmission of sensitive data.

Product Features

1. High reliability

Data Center Core Switch uses a variety of redundancy technologies, such as hot standby plug-in, dual-machine hot standby, link aggregation, etc., to achieve highly reliable network transmission. The product also supports a variety of fault detection and fault recovery technologies, such as BFD, VRRP, etc., which can quickly detect and recover network faults and ensure the stability and reliability of the network.

2. High performance

Data Center Core Switch adopts a high-performance hardware platform and supports a variety of high-speed interfaces, such as 10G, 40G, 100G, etc., which can meet the needs of large-scale data transmission. The product also supports a variety of advanced routing protocols and switching protocols, such as OSPF, BGP, MPLS, VXLAN, etc., enabling efficient data forwarding and routing.

3. High scalability

Data Center Core Switch supports a variety of expansion modules, such as optical modules, electrical modules, switching modules, etc., and can flexibly expand network bandwidth and port number. This product also supports a variety of stacking technologies, such as VSS, IRF, etc., which can realize virtualized stacking of multiple switches and improve network scalability and manageability.

4. High security

Data Center Core Switch supports a variety of security technologies, such as 802.1x, ACL, IPsec, etc., to achieve secure transmission and access control of network data. The product also supports a variety of security auditing and monitoring technologies, such as NetFlow, sFlow, etc., which can monitor network traffic and security events in real time to ensure the security and stability of the network.

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