data center leaf switch

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Product Description

Data Center Leaf Switch is a high-performance network switching device specially designed for data centers. As the core component of the data center network, it is responsible for data transmission and exchange tasks. It is usually located at the edge of the data center network and is responsible for connecting servers, storage devices and other network devices.

Data center leaf switch plays an important role in the data center network, connecting different devices to provide high bandwidth, low latency and reliable data transmission. They are a critical component in building a high-performance, scalable and flexible data center network architecture.

Product Application

Data center leaf switches play a key role in enterprise data centers, connecting servers, storage devices, network devices and other key components to provide high-bandwidth, low-latency network connections within the data center.

In cloud computing and virtualization environments, data center leaf switches are used to connect virtualized servers, storage devices, and network devices. They support high-speed data transfer and low-latency communication to meet requirements for virtual machine migration, resource sharing, and cloud service delivery.

Data center leaf switch is widely used in large-scale data storage environments, such as distributed storage systems and object storage systems. They connect storage nodes through high bandwidth to enable fast and reliable data access and transmission.

In very large-scale network environments, such as Internet service providers (ISPs) or large enterprise networks, data center leaf switches are used to connect a large number of servers and network devices. They provide high-density ports and high-performance switching capabilities to meet the needs of large-scale network traffic.

Data center leaf switch plays a key role in high-performance computing environments and is used to connect computing nodes, storage devices and network devices in high-performance computing clusters. They provide low-latency and high-throughput network connections to support parallel processing of large-scale computing tasks.

In artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, data center leaf switches are used to connect GPU servers, deep learning frameworks and large-scale data sets in the data center. They provide high-speed data transfer and low-latency communication to support the high-performance needs of training and inference tasks.

Product Features

-High bandwidth: This product provides high-bandwidth ports, such as multiple 10G, 25G, 40G, or 100G Ethernet ports. This can meet the transmission needs of large amounts of data in data centers.

-Low latency: As part of the data center network, low latency transmission needs to be provided to ensure real-time performance and efficiency. It can achieve low latency through hardware acceleration and optimized switching algorithms.

-Multipath connection: This product supports multipath connection, such as using Link Aggregation technology to provide redundancy and load balancing capabilities. This helps improve network reliability and throughput.

-Scalability: The product should have good scalability and be able to adapt to the growth and changes of the data center network. It should support flexible port expansion and network topology adjustment.

-Switching function: As a switch, this product provides basic switching functions, such as VLAN division, traffic control, security policy, etc., to ensure the security and performance of the data center network.

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