Different types of fiber optic patch cords ?

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Whether it is long-distance transmission of single-mode fiber optic jumper cables, short-distance applications of multi-mode fiber optic jumper cables, or pre-spliced, adjustable, high-density, waterproof, optical-electrical hybrid and special-purpose fiber optic jumper cables. Innovative applications, they all meet the needs of different fields with their unique characteristics and advantages. This article will delve into the characteristics, connector types, application scenarios and their important roles in different fields of these fiber optic patch cords.

Single-mode fiber optic patch cord

Single-mode fiber optic patch cords are suitable for long-distance transmission and high-speed data transmission, with smaller modal dispersion and higher bandwidth. Common connector types include SC/APC, LC/APC, FC/APC, etc. In fields such as long-distance communications, optical fiber backbone networks, and data centers, single-mode optical fiber jumper cables play an important role in ensuring efficient and stable data transmission.

Multimode fiber optic patch cord

Multimode fiber optic patch cords are suitable for short-distance transmission and lower-rate data transmission, with larger modal dispersion and lower bandwidth. Common connector types include SC, LC, ST, etc. In fields such as local area networks, data centers, and audio and video transmission, multimode fiber optic patch cords play an important role and meet the needs of different application scenarios.

Pre-assembled fiber optic patch cord

Pre-assembled fiber optic patch cords are pre-assembled fiber optic patch cords that come in fixed lengths and connector types. Its ease of installation, consistency and reliability are its strengths. In data centers, fiber optic communications and network equipment connections, pre-spliced fiber optic patch cords are widely used. Whether rapidly deploying new equipment or maintaining and replacing fiber optic connections, pre-spliced fiber optic patch cables provide an efficient and reliable solution.

Adjustable fiber optic patch cord

Adjustable fiber optic jumpers have adjustable length and are suitable for scenarios that require flexible cabling. Its internal structure includes a stretching sleeve and a locking mechanism to meet the connection needs of different distances by adjusting the length. Adjustable fiber optic patch cords play an important role in computer room cabling, equipment connection and maintenance, providing greater flexibility and convenience for network architecture.

High density fiber optic patch cord

High-density fiber optic patch cords have smaller outer diameters and higher core density, making them suitable for high-density device connections. Common connector types include MPO/MTP. In fields such as data centers, optical fiber backbone networks, and high-density packaging equipment, high-density optical fiber jumper cables are increasingly used, effectively improving the density and efficiency of equipment connections.

Waterproof fiber optic patch cord

Waterproof optical fiber jumpers are waterproof, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant, and are suitable for outdoor and harsh environments. It uses special structure and waterproof materials to ensure the reliability and stability of optical fiber transmission. In fields such as outdoor fiber optic cabling, communication base stations and military applications, waterproof fiber optic jumper cables play an important role in ensuring continuous communication and data transmission in harsh environments.

Opto-electrical hybrid jumper

Opto-electric hybrid jumpers combine the functions of optical fibers and cables and are used to transmit optical signals and electrical signals simultaneously. Its structure includes a combination of optical fibers and cables, and has its own adapted connector types, such as LC/PC-SC/UPC, MPO-SC, etc. Optoelectronic hybrid jumper cables play an important role in the fields of optoelectronic signal transmission, industrial automation and medical equipment, realizing the efficient communication and data transmission needs of optoelectronic integration.

Special optical fiber patch cord

Special-purpose fiber optic patch cords are suitable for special application scenarios and have specific characteristics and functions. For example, high-temperature fiber optic jumper cables, radiation-resistant fiber optic jumper cables, etc. In special environments such as aerospace, nuclear power plants and oil fields, special-purpose optical fiber jumper cables undertake key communication and data transmission tasks, ensuring the security and reliability of information.

With its diverse types and wide range of applications, fiber optic jumper cables connect information and people’s lives around the world. With the continuous advancement of technology and the growing demand, fiber optic jumper cables will continue to innovate and evolve. , providing more solutions for the infinite possibilities of connecting the world.

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