Fiber optic steel pipe FWDM module

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Product Description

Fiber optic steel pipe FWDM Module (Filter Wavelength Division Multiplexing) is a device used in optical communication systems for demultiplexing and demultiplexing of optical signals. Compared with conventional FWDM Module, it adopts Steel tube. The shell of this module is made of steel tube material. This design provides higher physical strength and durability to adapt to some special environments or application scenarios that require higher mechanical protection. The steel tube shell can provide better protection and earthquake resistance. , to protect the internal optics.

The working principle of Fiber optic steel pipe FWDM Module is similar to other FWDM modules, and is mainly used for demultiplexing and demultiplexing of optical signals. It usually has input ports, multiplexing ports and demultiplexing ports, and realizes multiplexing and demultiplexing of optical signals of different wavelengths through optical devices to improve the transmission capacity and bandwidth utilization of the optical fiber network.

Product Application

High-strength environment: The steel pipe shell of the Fiber optic steel pipe FWDM Module has high seismic and impact resistance, and is suitable for applications in seismic areas, high altitude areas or other harsh environments. They provide better protection to ensure proper operation of optics.

Industrial field: In applications such as industrial automation, smart manufacturing, and the Internet of Things, there are complex environmental factors such as mechanical vibration, dust, humidity, and temperature changes. The steel pipe housing of Fiber optic steel pipe FWDM Module can provide higher protection and durability to meet the optical communication needs in these harsh conditions.

Military and aerospace fields: In the military and aerospace fields, optical communication systems are required to operate stably in extreme environments, including high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, high radiation and other conditions. The steel pipe housing of the Fiber optic steel pipe FWDM Module can provide higher mechanical and environmental protection to meet the requirements of these special applications.

Product Features

1. Efficient optical signal separation and merging: Fiber optic steel pipe FWDM Module uses advanced optical technology to achieve efficient optical signal separation and merging, improving the efficiency and stability of optical fiber transmission.

2. Excellent blocking performance: This product has excellent blocking performance, which can effectively reduce the loss and interference of optical signals, ensuring the high quality and reliability of data transmission.

3. High-quality materials and processes: Fiber optic steel pipe FWDM Module adopts high-quality materials and processes, and has undergone rigorous testing and verification to ensure the quality and reliability of the product.

4. Wide range of application fields: This product is suitable for optical fiber transmission in various fields, including communications, industry, military, medical and other fields, and has broad market prospects and application space.

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