Multimode FWDM module

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Product Description

Multimode FWDM Module (Filter Wavelength Division Multiplexing) is a device used in optical communication systems. It is used for multiplexing and demultiplexing of optical signals and is suitable for multimode optical fiber systems. Compared with single mode, multi-mode has a larger number of transmission modes and a larger mode coupling bandwidth. Since optical signals in multi-mode optical fibers are transmitted in different transmission modes, FWDM Modules using single-mode optical fibers cannot be directly applied to multi-mode optical fiber systems.

Multimode FWDM Module follows the corresponding multimode optical fiber standards and specifications, and has the function of wavelength division multiplexing and demultiplexing adapted to multimode optical fiber. It is usually based on the optical characteristics and transmission requirements of multimode optical fiber, and is implemented using corresponding designs and optical devices.

The main application of Multimode FWDM Module is to perform wavelength division multiplexing and demultiplexing in multimode optical fiber systems to improve the transmission capacity and bandwidth utilization of optical fiber networks. It can transmit optical signals of multiple wavelengths simultaneously, enabling multi-mode optical fiber networks to support more data transmission and communication needs.

Product Application

Multimode FWDM Module is widely used in fields such as optical communications and data centers. In the field of optical communication, it can be used in optical fiber communication systems, optical fiber sensing systems, optical fiber measurement systems, etc. In the data center field, it can be used for data center interconnection and data transmission.

In optical fiber communication systems, Multimode FWDM Module can multiplex and separate optical signals of different wavelengths, improving fiber utilization and transmission efficiency. In optical fiber sensing systems and optical fiber measurement systems, it can be used for the transmission and monitoring of multi-channel optical signals to achieve precise control and monitoring of optical fiber sensing and measurement.

In data centers, Multimode FWDM Module can be used for interconnection and data transmission between different data centers. It can achieve high-speed data transmission between multiple data centers and improve the operational efficiency and data transmission speed of data centers.

Product Features

1 High performance: This module uses advanced optical technology and high-quality materials, featuring low insertion loss, high isolation and fast response, ensuring high-quality optical signal transmission and communication.

2 Multi-wavelength multiplexing: Multimode FWDM Module can transmit optical signals of different wavelengths at the same time, realizing multi-wavelength multiplexing and improving fiber utilization and transmission efficiency.

3 Reliability: This module has undergone strict quality control and certification, and is reliable and stable. It can work normally under various environmental conditions and maintain long-term stable performance.

4 Flexibility: Multimode FWDM Module has flexible configuration and installation methods and can be customized and installed according to your needs. It is also compatible with a variety of optical fiber and optical fiber interfaces, making it convenient for you to use and connect.

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