LC/APC single mode fiber pigtail

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Product Description

LC/APC single mode fiber pigtail is a single-mode fiber fusion joint with LC/APC connector.

LC/APC indicates that the connector type is an LC (Lucent Connector) angle physical contact connector and has an 8-degree slope (APC, Angled Physical Contact) to reduce reflection and insertion loss. LC/APC connectors are commonly used for single-mode fiber connections, especially in long-distance transmission applications that require lower reflection losses.

Single mode means that the optical fiber fusion joint is suitable for single-mode optical fiber transmission. Single-mode optical fiber is suitable for long-distance communications. It has lower transmission loss and higher bandwidth by transmitting only the optical signal of the Fundamental Mode.

Fiber pigtail is a type of fiber fusion splice usually used to connect fiber optic connectors and equipment. It has fixed fiber lengths and connector types and can be used to connect fiber distribution frames, fiber switches, fiber transmission equipment, etc.

Product Application

LC/APC single-mode optical fiber pigtail can meet these requirements. It can be used with LC/APC type adapters or modules to achieve efficient data transmission and management. LC/APC single-mode optical fiber pigtails can also provide high return loss, effectively reduce signal interference and noise, and ensure the stable operation of the data center.

LC/APC single-mode optical fiber pigtail is an important part of FTTH. It can be connected to ONU (Optical Network Unit) or ONT (Optical Network Terminal) to realize communication between users and the network. LC/APC single-mode optical fiber pigtail has low insertion loss and high weather resistance, and can adapt to various environmental conditions to ensure high performance and long life of FTTH.

LC/APC single-mode fiber pigtail can be used as the output or input end of the laser to realize the transmission or modulation of laser signals. LC/APC single-mode fiber pigtail has high return loss and high anti-reflection, which can effectively avoid feedback and interference of laser signals and improve the output power and stability of the laser.

Product Features

LC/APC single mode fiber pigtail is a miniaturized optical fiber connector that takes up little space and is suitable for high-density optical fiber wiring.

The LC/APC type optical fiber connector adopts an 8-degree angle polished end face, which can effectively reduce reflection loss and improve signal quality.

LC/APC single mode fiber pigtail uses high-quality single-mode optical fiber, which has the characteristics of low attenuation, high bandwidth, and anti-interference. It is suitable for long-distance and high-speed optical communication systems.

LC/APC single-mode optical fiber pigtails have undergone rigorous testing and inspection and comply with international standards and industry specifications, ensuring product performance and reliability.

LC/APC single mode fiber pigtail is a trustworthy fiber pigtail product that can provide stable, efficient and safe connections for your optical communication system. If you have any needs or questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to serve you.

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