ST single mode fiber pigtail

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Product Description

ST single mode fiber pigtail is a single-mode fiber fusion splice (also called fiber pigtail) using ST connectors. It is a connecting cable with a single fiber optic core used to connect optical fibers to equipment or fiber distribution racks.

Single-mode fiber means that the fiber core has a smaller diameter and is suitable for transmitting optical signals of a single optical mode. It is usually used for long-distance transmission and high-speed communication applications, with lower transmission loss and higher bandwidth.

The ST connector is a common fiber optic connector type that has a round housing and a pair of rotational locking mechanisms. It can be paired with ST connector sockets on fiber optic equipment or patch panels through rotation and insertion actions.

ST single mode fiber pigtail can be used in fiber optic communication systems, fiber optic sensors, data centers and other applications requiring single mode fiber connections. It provides reliable optical signal transmission and low insertion loss, ensuring high-quality fiber optic connections.

Product Application

Optical fiber communication network: ST single-mode optical fiber pigtails can be used to connect optical fiber switches, optical fiber transceivers, optical fiber terminal boxes and other equipment to realize the transmission and distribution of optical signals.

Optical fiber sensing system: ST single-mode fiber pigtail can be used to connect fiber sensors, fiber amplifiers, fiber lasers and other equipment to detect and control physical quantities such as temperature, pressure, vibration and so on.

Fiber laser: ST single-mode fiber pigtail can be used to connect the output end of the laser and the target object to guide and focus the laser.

Other fields: ST single-mode optical fiber pigtails can also be used in medical, industrial, military and other fields to achieve optical transmission for various special purposes.

Product Features

High precision: ST-type connector uses cylindrical pins and sleeves, which has high centering and repeatability, ensuring low insertion loss and high return loss.

High stability: The ST-type connector adopts a metal buckle locking mechanism, which has strong tensile strength and vibration resistance, ensuring long-term stable working performance.

High reliability: ST single-mode optical fiber pigtail adopts high-quality single-mode optical fiber and professional manufacturing technology. It has high mechanical strength and environmental adaptability, ensuring long life and low failure rate.

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