LC multimode fiber pigtail

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Product Description

LC multimode fiber pigtail is a multimode fiber fusion joint with LC connector.

LC indicates that the connector type is LC (Lucent Connector) connector, which is a miniaturized optical fiber connector with low insertion loss and high sealing performance. LC connectors are commonly used in high-density fiber optic connections and data communications applications.

Multimode means that this optical fiber fusion joint is suitable for multi-mode optical fiber transmission. Multimode fiber can transmit multiple light modes, and common multimode fiber types include 50/125 micron and 62.5/125 micron. Multimode fiber is suitable for short-distance communications and is commonly used in applications such as local area networks, data centers and video transmission.

Fiber pigtail is a type of fiber fusion splice usually used to connect fiber optic connectors and equipment. It has fixed fiber lengths and connector types and can be used to connect fiber distribution frames, fiber switches, fiber transmission equipment, etc.

Product Application

Data centers require a large number of fiber optic connectors to achieve high-speed, high-density and high-reliability data transmission. LC multimode fiber pigtail can provide the advantages of high bandwidth, low insertion loss and easy installation, and is suitable for various network architectures in data centers, such as SAN, NAS, FCoE, etc.

A local area network refers to a network that connects multiple computers and other devices within a certain range. It is usually used in offices, schools, factories and other places. LC multimode fiber pigtail can realize fiber-to-desktop connection within the local area network, improving network performance and security while saving space and costs.

Wireless communication refers to communication methods that use radio waves or other electromagnetic waves to transmit information, such as mobile phones, satellite communications, wireless LAN, etc. LC multimode fiber pigtail can be used for the connection between base stations and antennas in wireless communications, providing high-speed, low-latency and anti-interference signal transmission to meet the high-capacity and high-quality requirements of wireless communications.

Product Features

The LC type connector has a compact size, saving installation space and improving density.

The LC type connector uses 1.25mm ceramic pins to ensure high-precision alignment and low insertion loss.

LC multimode optical fiber pigtail uses high-quality multimode optical fiber, which has good transmission performance and stability.

LC multi-mode optical fiber pigtail supports a variety of application scenarios, such as data centers, local area networks, optical communications, etc.

LC multimode optical fiber pigtails have flexible length and color options to meet the needs of different users.

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