SC multimode fiber pigtail

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Product Description

SC multimode fiber pigtail is a multimode fiber fusion joint with SC connector.

SC indicates that the connector type is SC (Subscriber Connector) connector, which is a common fiber optic connector with a square shape and a plug-in locking mechanism. SC connectors are suitable for multi-mode optical fiber connections and single-mode optical fiber connections, and are widely used in communications and network systems.

Multimode means that this optical fiber fusion joint is suitable for multi-mode optical fiber transmission. Multimode fiber can transmit multiple light modes, and common multimode fiber types include 50/125 micron and 62.5/125 micron. Multimode fiber is suitable for short-distance communications and is commonly used in applications such as local area networks, data centers and video transmission.

Fiber pigtail is a type of fiber fusion splice usually used to connect fiber optic connectors and equipment. It has fixed fiber lengths and connector types and can be used to connect fiber distribution frames, fiber switches, fiber transmission equipment, etc.

Product Application

Optical communication network: SC multi-mode optical fiber pigtails can be used to connect optical fiber distribution frames, optical splitters, optical switches and other equipment in optical communication networks to realize signal transmission and distribution.

Fiber optic sensor: SC multimode fiber pigtail can be used to connect light sources, detectors, amplifiers and other components in fiber optic sensors to achieve signal collection and processing.

Optical instruments: SC multimode optical fiber pigtails can be used to connect lasers, beam splitters, reflectors and other components in optical instruments to achieve signal modulation and control.

Other fields: SC multimode optical fiber pigtails can also be used in optical systems in other fields such as medical, industrial, military and other fields to provide stable and efficient optical connections.

Product Features

SC multimode fiber pigtail adopts SC interface, which is an international standard fiber optic interface with high reliability and low insertion loss and is suitable for various fiber optic equipment and networks.

SC multimode fiber pigtail uses multimode optical fiber, which is an optical fiber that can transmit multiple wavelengths. It has high bandwidth and transmission distance and is suitable for local area networks, data centers, industrial control and other occasions.

SC multimode fiber pigtail adopts prefabricated terminal technology, which is a technology where optical fibers and connectors are welded in the factory, which can ensure the quality and performance of optical fibers and simplify on-site installation and maintenance work.

SC multimode fiber pigtails are available in a variety of specifications and lengths to meet different application needs and can also be customized according to customer requirements.

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