OM2 LC to LC UPC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord

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Product Description

OM2 LC to LC UPC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord is a high-quality fiber optic cable that uses OM2 grade multi-mode fiber and is suitable for short to medium distance communication needs. It features LC to LC UPC connectors, providing reliable fiber optic connections for various application scenarios.

This twisted pair optical fiber jumper uses LC UPC connectors, and its end face treatment adopts high-quality UPC technology, which can reduce insertion loss and return loss and ensure high-quality signal transmission. The compact design of the LC connector makes it suitable for high-density wiring environments and is convenient for plugging, unplugging and management. The twisted-pair structure design tightly binds two optical fiber wires together to reduce interference and loss of stray light and improve transmission stability and reliability. In addition, the twisted pair structure also has low insertion loss, ensuring the stability of signal transmission and low signal loss.

OM2 LC to LC UPC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord’s fiber optic material and jacket material have excellent durability and tensile strength. It undergoes rigorous testing and quality control to ensure stable connection performance under long-term use and harsh environmental conditions. The outer sheath of the fiber optic jumper is soft and has a good bending radius, making it easy to wire and install. Its flexibility makes installation in small spaces or complex wiring environments easier. At the same time, it is also easy to maintain and manage, providing convenience to users.

Product Application

OM2 LC to LC UPC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord is suitable for various application scenarios, including data centers, LANs, WANs, video transmission, audio transmission, and data transmission and storage. It can connect switches, routers, servers, storage devices and other network devices to meet high-speed, reliable data transmission and communication needs. Whether it is an enterprise, institution or individual user, this twisted pair fiber optic jumper can provide stable, high-bandwidth fiber optic connections to meet users’ needs for high-performance fiber optic solutions.

Product Features

OM2 LC to LC UPC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord features high-quality fiber transmission, premium connector design, twisted pair construction, durability and tensile strength. Its flexibility and ease of use make installation and maintenance simple and convenient. It is suitable for a variety of application scenarios, provides stable, high-bandwidth optical fiber connections, and meets users’ needs for high-performance optical fiber solutions.

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