OM2 MTRJ Male to LC UPC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord

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Product Description

OM2 MTRJ Male to LC UPC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord is a high performance fiber optic connection solution suitable for short to medium distance communication needs. This patch cord uses OM2 multimode fiber with MTRJ Male to LC UPC connectors to provide reliable fiber optic connections and superior transmission performance.

OM2 MTRJ Male to LC UPC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord’s MTRJ Male and LC UPC connectors adopt a PCB-free design to ensure the stability and reliability of the connection. The UPC (Ultra Physical Contact) end-face treatment technology on the connector can provide extremely low insertion loss and return loss, ensuring the quality and reliability of signal transmission.

This optical fiber jumper adopts a twisted pair structure, which makes the two optical fiber wires tightly tied together, reducing the interference and loss of stray light. The optical fiber material of the jumper adopts high-quality OM2 multi-mode optical fiber, which has a larger core diameter and a smaller cladding diameter, and is suitable for high-bandwidth transmission and high-speed data transmission.

Product Application

OM2 MTRJ Male to LC UPC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord offers excellent performance and reliability. It supports transmission rates up to 10 Gbps and is suitable for data centers, LANs, WANs and other scenarios.

The insertion loss of the jumper is very low, ensuring stable signal transmission and low signal loss. At the same time, the jumper uses high-quality optical fiber materials and sheath materials, which have good durability and tensile strength and can ensure long-term reliable use.

Product Features

OM2 MTRJ Male to LC UPC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord features ease of installation, flexibility and reliability. The jumper’s outer skin is soft and has a good bending radius, making it easy to wire and install. It undergoes strict testing and quality control to ensure stable signal transmission and optimal performance, meeting users’ needs for reliable connections.

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